Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts V3

Oh hey Thursday! How happy am I to see you? Today James and I have a day date planned while C is at school. Pedis and lunch before getting the babe from school are in order. Connor is going to be so excited to have his Papa take him and pick him up from school. To kick the day off, I'm going to do a little confessing in today's Thursday Thoughts post.

... In no shape or form do I want another baby but can I tell you that I am sometimes a bit envious of all the fun that a new pregnancy brings? The announcement, the weeks leading up to your delivery, the fun of planning a nursery and picking a name, sharing your new bundle of joy with your family and friends. I will never know that excitement again. And yes, that's my choice, 100% so, but I'm sometimes a little sad by this fact.

... I've been on this cleaning and purging spree and I have to confess -- we have far too much stuff. I swear to you if I purchase one more scarf or water bottle or bottle of washable paint or can of play dough, someone needs slap some sense into me. If something is heavily discounted, I feel like it's "such a good deal, I can't pass that up" when in fact I need to do just that, pass it up. The garage sale we are having in May can't come soon enough. Goodbye clutter!

... Connor's preschool graduation is in a month and I'm torn between making it a big deal and treating it like any other day. I know this is his first graduation but it's for 3 year old preschool. I'm sorta over celebrating everything to death. The same goes for his birthday. We still have 6 months until we need to worry about it but I'm seriously considering going the no party route and instead have a small get together with just family. Does this make me a bad Mom?

... Cleaning the bathroom is Hell on Earth for me. I hate it. I flat our refuse to clean the tub, leaving it for James to deal with. I would pay someone to come to my house and clean just the bathroom if I had it my way. Considering we only have 1 bathroom it gets a lot of traffic so cleaning it's of utmost importance however, I really don't care to put any effort in cleaning it. 

... My favorite days of the week are the ones in which we have no plans and we can stay in our pajamas and do whatever we want at the slowest of slow paces. If we are lucky, we get 2 days like this in a single week and I'm pretty much the happiest of happy Mommas. I'll go through a stage where I pack our schedule full of every activity available, leaving us no downtime. Our lazy days usually happen on the tail end of such weeks. Connor likes it so much he gets a little sad when he is told he can't wear pajamas to school.

... Everyone is up in arms about Target and their restroom rules. Hand to Jesus, I don't care who pees next to me. What I care about is you using the hand dryer while I'm attempting to get my 3 year old to pee without the automatic flush going off. I'd let just about anyone pee next to me than to set Connor into a "magical potty" tailspin.

What's going on in your world? Please tell me I'm not the only one with such ridiculous thoughts! I often feel like I'm a little bit weird because of my thought process. Maybe it's Mom brain. Whatever it is, it keeps life interesting in my little corner.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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