Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Picture Perfect Project :: April

Yesterday was beautiful. For the first time in ages, it was warm enough to spend the morning outdoors. Spring has finally arrived and the next week looks warm and sunny which means we will be outdoors every chance we get. But when we learned of Connor's grass and tree (and dust) allergies, my initial thought was "What about being outside? How do you keep a 3 year old boy from being just that? A 3 year old boy?". After spending some time at the park yesterday, I made an executive decision for our household -- we are going to be outside, allergies be damned!

Flowers and trees are blooming, the grass is slowly turning green and lush again. I've never once imagined loving color and the outdoors as much as I do now that I'm a Mom. It's amazing what a simple hour or two of fresh air and room to roam can do for your spirit. If yesterday was any indication of the fun we have in store for us, Spring and Summer are going to be absolutely glorious! Now to get to working on our Spring Bucket List!

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