Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Bucket List + Printable

I love the chance to put together a bucket list. I tend to really go overboard with all the things I want to do in a single season so this year, when I put together our list, I went with simple fun that we can do over and over again this Spring. Not only does a bucket list give me an extra push to think outside the box when we plan our weekends but it's fun to have Connor pick from the list of things we will do that weekend. This year, I tailored our bucket list to fit any family's lifestyle. Budget friendly choices along with outdoor options.

If I'm being honest, I already have many of this adventures planned out in my mind. I would love to pack a picnic dinner and meet James at a park after work, giving us a little more use of the daylight hours. And strawberry shortcake? Yes please! Any excuse for a sweet treat! And I have a running list in my cell of new parks to check out this year.

If you want to join us this Spring and have a little fun along side us, print your own copy of our bucket list by clicking here. I love framing our bucket list printables and having it on display. It's exciting to see what we've accomplished and what we still need to complete.

Happy April friends!

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