Friday, April 22, 2016

Mommy & Me Road Trip Survival Kit

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This time next week, Connor and I will be taking a road trip for a play date at COSI in Columbus and for a slumber party with a girlfriend of mine. We've been doing more traveling lately and I've discovered that there are a handful of things that make traveling easier for me as a Momma. I visit my local Wal-Mart to get all the goodies I need for my Mommy & Me Road Trip Survival Kit. Think of it as "Mommy diaper bag" of sorts. I can get all the items I need at one place, the prices are always perfect and I can get in and out in minutes.

I've started carrying a small bag with items that I may need in my person. Having them with me at all times has allowed me to grab them quickly when necessary. Here are is what I typically keep in my bag.

  • Clorox To Go Pack -- while I usually find myself reaching for a baby wipe (how did I survive without them?), I use a Clorox wipes on table tops before having lunch, on the chair arms at a diner, I've ever used them on Connor's hands before when things have been far to "dirty" for my liking. 
  • Orbit Gum -- a no brainer really. But I find that when I start to get tired during a drive, chewing some gum helps waken me up.
  • Burt's Bee Lip Balm -- this is my favorite tinted chap-stick. I always feel so dry when in a car (or plane) for a long time so I like to freshen up a bit with chap-stick. This particular one gives your lips a bit of color so that's an added bonus, too. 
  • Hand Sanitizer -- Connor is down right deathly afraid of automatic hand dryers. When that's the only option, we use a bit of hand sanitizer after going potty. I typically wipes his hands off again afterwards but this antibacterial solution not only smells good, but kills whatever germs we picked up using a public potty.
  • Advil -- I like to carry medicine on me in case someone gets a headache. The mister and my best friend know that I will always have something with me so I'm the first to ask. I have a back injury from high school that tends to flair up when riding in a car for too long so this helps ease some of my discomfort quickly. 
  • Stress Away Roller Ball -- because traveling with little ones can be tough. I can only take "What road are we on now?" or "When will we be there?" so many times before I start getting tense and look for the nearest exit.  I couple applications of my Stress Away and I'm soon feeling less stressed and ready to tackle the rest of our trip.
  • Poise Panty Liners -- because exits with restrooms are sometimes further away than you can manage. I don't need liners daily but I like having them with me in case of an emergencies. Poise liners, my favorite discrete and thin liner on the market, provides protection against lighter leaks. I like knowing that I'm covered in case my Mommy bladder strikes before I'm able to get to the exit. We've all been there, right? And as Connor will tell you "accidents happen".

I love making more moments matter and having a bag ready with all my essentials allows to tackle our day with confidence. Little ones can throw a wrench in your plans with a single fit or a bad day so it's nice to be prepared for whatever comes my way. What's your must have items when traveling solo with a little one? This isn't our first trip but it's always a bit unnerving when you are traveling with a potty-trained 3 year old!

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