Friday, April 1, 2016

March Recap -- April Goals

Goals and to do list are my specialty. I love putting together a list of to do's and marking them off one by one as I accomplish them. However, life has been so busy and as always, I find myself coming up short in some areas while killin' it in others. I guess this would be the perfect time to consider finding a good balance between doing it all or doing nothing at all. With that in mind, let's take a look at how I did on my March goals and see what balanced plans I have for April.

Here is what we managed to complete from last month's list...
Enjoy three MNOs this month
Complete Connor's bedroom
Have friends over for dinner at least once this month
Declutter basement
 Have a Saturday Sunday morning coffee play date
Enjoy a family pizza night with a movie or game
Complete 20 in home workouts

It only took me 3 months but I finally completed every single one of the goals listed from my January list. While my goals seem achievable when I'm putting the list together, I find that I get caught up doing something else during the month and get completely sidetracked. So with that in mind, I'm going to stick with my 6 categories -- Family, Blogging, Fitness, Personal, Connor and Miscellaneous but scale back to 3 items in each group in stead of 4. Maybe this will allow me the change to regroup and slowly up my goal again. 
Here are my April goals divided into 6 categories
Go on a nature hike
Discover a new park
Spend a weekday playing hooky

Read and Comment on a daily basis
Update the "About The Family" pages
Complete Fat Mum Slim's April Photo Challenge

Cut back on sweets
Increase water intake
Work on getting more sleep 

Enjoy a day date with James
Celebrate 8 years with the Mister
Go on at least one night date

Have a Daddy and Connor day
Sign up (and maybe complete!) swim lessons in April
Practice spelling Connor and scissor use 

Finish master bedroom (curtains and canvases)
Unsubscribe from junk mail
Take a day trip to see a friend 

The two things I love most from this list is a) date my husband often in April and b) getting more sleep. I'm really looking forward to some quality one on one with James this month before he heads out of town again and as always, Momma loves her sleep. 

Are you still focused on your new years goals? I know that by now they seem a bit boring and bothersome but I love pushing myself to do more, experience more in a single month. If you are still plugging away at the goals you set for yourself in January or even those that are month to month, let me know! I'd love to check in with you this month.

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