Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites :: April 8

It's been a month since I put together a Friday Favorites post. I feel like I share so much of our week on Instagram that I have very little "new stuff" to share come Friday. Maybe I could share less ... yeah right, that's not happening. IG is my favorite social outlet and I use and abuse it daily. So with that in mind, here are some highlights from our week.

Here are this week's post in case you've missed any. 

Confession -- I never want to be the hot mess Mom at preschool drop-off. I've been really working hard on getting up before Connor, showering and getting ready for the day. For those of you who get were I'm coming from, the struggle is sometimes all too real. It's so easy to just roll out of bed, throw up my hair and tackle the day. But I don't want people to think Connor's Mom is a hot mess so I actively try to have my act together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Having said that, I've been doing more with my makeup. As in, doing it. Period. I love Make Beauty makeup. It's classic shades and colors that are appropriate for daytime wear. I feel like I'm put together and I've been rocking some lipstick lately which is new to me, but I totally love. Make Beauty is offering Wife Mommy Me readers 20% off their orders with promo code MAKEYOURSELF from now until April 15. 

Connor has been asking us about his dog Simon that passed away. A bit of a backstory, Simon was put to sleep in 2014. Connor wasn't yet 2 so I'm totally blown away that he even remembers Simon. But we explained that Simon is in Heaven with Jesus and on a weekly basis, Connor will ask why Jesus needed Simon. I've answered him the best way I know how but he isn't satisfied with my response. So Mamas, help me out! How can I explain to Connor why Jesus needed (his words) his dog Simon? I can't even promise him a new one because I'm not a dog person. Fun fact: I don't like animals. Period. Rudy is the exception because he is a weirdo and I'm a weirdo so we fit together in perfect harmony.


I hosted a Bunco game night last evening and had a blast. I picked the theme April Showers bring May Flowers and loved how it turned out. I kept it simple since spending a ton of money on a game night isn't in the budget but it was such a fun way to enjoy some one on one with a few of my girlfriends. We ate, we played round after round of Bunco and I finally got to move around a bit to the winner's table!

Are your weekends as busy as ours? I swear we have something planned every weekend from now until mid-May. Weekends are family time for us since James often works late or travels for work but the older Connor is, the more we have packed into the weekend. Often times, it takes everything in me to get out of bed Monday mornings because I am so tired from the weekend. I can't imagine how tough it is for James, considering he has to get up and be at work by 8AM. But in true Mom fashion, I'll make it through the weekend, capture as many smiles from C as possible and love every chance we get at making new memories.

Happy Friday, friends!

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