Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites -- April 29

Hey Friday! Another week has come and gone. This week was a balance between busy, busy, busy and really low-key. This weekend is filled with plans with friends and some Mommy & Me plans for myself and Connor. But before we jump into the weekend, here is a recap of this week. 

Here are this week's post in case you've missed any. I know that I am weeks behind on reading the work of some of my favorite bloggers so maybe you are, too. 


As a blogger, you are constantly creating and sharing content that you are proud of, content that we've put a ton of time and effort into. Sometimes a post that you love and worked really hard to put together doesn't get the kind of attention (comments, visits, shares, pins, what have you) that you think it deserves. What happens to these posts? Usually nothing. Until now. Beth, Meghan, Whitney and I would love to introduce you to the Rewind Friday link up! The link up is a chance for you to share your favorite overlooked content. Fresh eyes and new love on posts that you've poured you heart out on. Rewind Friday goes live the last Friday of every month, starting Friday, May 27. For the planners of the world, here is the full list of dates for our new link up: May 27 -- June 24 -- July 29 -- August 26 -- September 30 -- October 28 -- November 25 -- December 30. And there's more! Each month we will feature the bloggers with the most clicked links, perpetuating even more views. Win win! Grab my Rewind Friday button and join us on the 27th!

Wife Mommy Me

Yesterday I had a morning of pampering with James for our day date, getting my first pedicure of the season. I have to admit I was long overdue. Being in Ohio, I don't find the need to treat myself to pedicures between the month of October to March. My feet our hidden in boots, tennis shoes and TOMs. The nail tech suggested that I use Gold Bond lotion on my feet (especially my heels) nightly because they are that bad. I have dry, calloused heels and they have always, always been this way. But I'm coming to you, faithful readers, in hopes that you can suggest products or solutions to how I can keep my feet from looking and feeling so rough. So hit me with how you pamper your feet; Momma needs some help. 


I've been cutting back on the amount of coffee I drink. Especially coffee filled with empty calories, tons of sugar and cost me lots of pretty pennies. To keep myself from buying a calorie-filled Venti while out and about, I start my morning off by making a cup to go using my Keurig. I recently got the chance to try Shuffle Bean coffee and I have to tell you, this coffee is one of my favorite medium roast options to enjoy at home. Not only is the good coffee that gives me the extra push to tackle my days, but the company itself is one with a mission. Shuffle Bean is from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. When you purchase Shuffle Bean Coffee, you are doing your part in helping to protect the environment. It is the most environmentally friendly coffee from the Rainforests of Costa Rica. How cool is that? Thanks Shuffle Bean for fueling my days. As a Momma who runs on a whole lot of coffee and Jesus, this care package was well received. 

We are in the middle of planning our end of Summer vacation. I know it's not even Summer yet but we are planning to take a family vacation in August/September but we can't agree on where to go. I want to visit somewhere within driving distance (think 10-14 hours) and I'd love to visit the Outer Banks or anywhere in North or South Carolina. I also want to visit Mackinac Island but it's a bit pricey. James is thinking Florida. I'm not really on-board with that idea as we've been there plenty of times before. I want this trip to be something of a tradition for us, just the 3 of us on vacation together. So send your vacation ideas my way. Things to keep in mind -- I want to drive, we are traveling with a potty trained 3 year old and I don't want to spend a ton; my frugal self just won't allow us. 


So many of you related to my baby/pregnancy envy I shared yesterday. While I sometimes wonder if our decision is the right decision, I'm often reminded that God's plan ultimately trumps all so I need not worry about it too much. Also? This 3.5 year old makes life good. With his big heart, his never-ending banter and his sassy personality, he makes our world so bright. No matter if we never expand our family, I know that our party of 3 is pretty much my happy place. I have the most supportive, hilarious, giving husband ever and a son that just melts my heart and blows my mind on the daily. Life is good! 

Happy Friday friends; enjoy your weekend!

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