Friday, April 15, 2016

Blogger Love Vol. 3

Happy Friday, sweet friends! I am excited to share Blogger Love with you this morning. While picking 5 favorites this week, I realized that not only is this blogging community crazy talented, making picking just 5 posts to share nearly impossible, but that I absolutely love being a blogger and sharing this world with you and other readers. Blogging has given me an creative outlet I never had before and a sense of ownership of something that's 100% mine. Maybe it's because the weather is now warming up but I feel like I have a ton of fun ideas and posts coming up. The sunshine and clear skies have really boosted my spirits. But enough about how blogging is so awesome and how finally the sun has returned to the Buckeye State. Here are 5 posts that I loved from this week.

I really want to OWN my blog and have more options on my content and such but I'm terrified of losing a post or heaven forbid my entire blog so I'm putting off making the change from Blogger to WP until I can foot the bill for the transition (it's costly!). Having said that, Beth makes me want to make the change RIGHT NOW. Her WordPress pros is right in line with what I want for my blog. If you are unsure of what move to make, check out the post. I'm pretty much sold on the transfer, it's the price I bulk at.

As much as I would love to be able to use my DSR more often, for every day use, I'm using my iPhone. While sometimes I snap a photo or two that don't require any edits, the majority of them do, especially when we are indoors. Desiree shared her go to phone apps to help take your photos from okay to awesome with just a couple clicks. I'm a fan of Afterlight and use if often but the others are new to me. Check out her list and let me know if you have any others you'd suggest.

4 Ways to Supplement Your Income by No Getting Off This Train
While we aren't dealing with a loss of employment like mentioned in Jaime's post, I think saving money and doing "extra" to build a bigger nest egg is always a great idea. I'm having a garage sale with friend in May and while I'm not looking forward to prepping, it will be nice to put the money earned during the sale in our savings. Not to mention purge our basement of all the extra. Because every penny counts, I love the idea of doing more when you are waiting for traditional means of income.

Grab Green Review and Giveaway over at Not In Jersey
I wouldn't call myself "green" as much as I would say I like to know what's in the products I use when cleaning. Having said that when I discovered Grab Green in Dara's post, I was instantly curious. I use essential oils to clean with because not only are they chemical free, but they smell amazing too. But for some chores, you need a little more than oils so Grab Green seems like a great option considering what isn't hidden inside their product. Head over to Dara's review and giveaway and check them out for yourself. 

At Home Date: His and Hers S'Mores from bybmg
James and I don't have as many date nights as I'd like. Life is busy and between the hustle and bustle of parenthood and work, we don't get the chance to date each other as often as we would like to. When Becky shared her at home date idea earlier this week, I knew instantly what James and I were going to do this weekend once C was in bed. While I'd love to include my littlest love in the fun, it's hard for me to share when there are S'mores involved. 

What post inspired you this week?
Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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