Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Ultimate Road Trip Basket

With warm temps on the way, it's the perfect time to plan road trips to visit family and friends. Just this past weekend, we drove an hour or so to spend time with friends up north. As always the company was well worth the drive. Not to mention, the weather was perfect, making travel careful and easy. We have plans to travel a bit this month and next and before we hit the road, we will putting together an ultimate road trip basket.

Between stopping for gas or to potty, road trips can start to get really boring really fast. I love to stock up on snacks and essentials so that we can travel a bit easier. When it comes to taking a trip, I'm one of those "need to plan ahead" type of people. I don't like to get on the road and worry about whether we might have any car problems or worse yet, run out of snacks before we reach our destination. Here are my must have road trip essentials:
  1. Snacks like chips, trail mix and chocolate
  2. Wet wipes for both you and the littles
  3. Caffeine for when you need a mid-trip pick me up
  4. Hand sanitizer for when the restroom is out of soap (this has happened far too many time to us!)
  5. Gum and candy to share
  6. Hand lotion to keep your hands for getting dry from the harsh restroom soaps
  7. Magazines to keep you busy for a bit (HGTV is my #1 suggestion!)

Some other items you can add to your kit are tissues, napkins, aspirin, small first aid kit, sunblock, small garbage bag for trash and bottles of water. I often pack a small backpack for Connor with his snacks, a drink cup and a change of clothes. And you can't forget to charge your electronics before hitting the road and be sure to bring your car chargers, too. Those suckers aren't cheap when you have to purchase them on the go.

I can't wait to hit the road this Spring with my guys. Connor has grown so much since we moved back home, I feel like traveling with him is going to go a bit smoother than previous years. Putting together a road trip basket is a sure way to make traveling with little ones a bit easier! Safe travels, friends!

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