Monday, March 21, 2016

Target Dollar Spot -- Spring Finds

When it comes to Target, I have no control. It's sad but true and something that I'm not one single bit willing to change. I have this all or nothing mentality when shopping. Either I buy everything that my little heart desires or I don't visit the store at all. Just recently I went in and spent only $37 and felt like this should have been news worthy. But when shopping for this month's $10 at Target goodies, I was really torn. I wanted everything that the Dollar Spot offered. I dug deep and found a bit of self-control and stuck to the $10 spending limit. Here is what I came away with this month.

My Target had the best Spring goodies this time around. I've learned that to score the "good stuff" before it's totally picked over is that you have to shop for the new season the day after the holiday. I usually shop it first thing in the morning. I've been known to shop the bins WHILE they are stocking the shelves. There is really no shame in my Dollar Spot game.

But back to this months items. I scored a feather banner with colorful tips, more thank you cards because I use them nearly every week, a new to do list pad because nothing gets done in my world if I don't write it down, pencils because they are fun and mini clips for an upcoming craft idea I have. I was able to stay within my $10 budget but that doesn't mean I stopped there. I went back later in the week and picked up some other Spring/Easter goodies.

What did you score from Target this month? Any sweet deals or great clearance finds? Be sure to link-up with us this month and share your $10 or less finds. 

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