Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Snail Mail Exchange - Announcement & Sign-up

Confession: I am the only one in our household that's "allowed" to check our mailbox. The Mister knows that checking the mail is often the highlight of my day. #sadbuttrue If there is one thing that really gets me is excited is discovering fun snail mail waiting for me. Whether it's a quick note, a postcard or a small package, I love the surprise of finding something other than bills and junk in our mailbox. You can't enough imagine the amount of happy I am during the Christmas holiday because of the constant parade of holiday cards we receive. Because I can't be the only one that loves sending and receiving snail mail, today I'm kicking off my first ever snail mail exchange.

The idea is pretty self explanatory and I really hope you will join me in this fun exchange but let me dish out the details. For the next 3 months, you and your partner will mail each other HANDWRITTEN snail mail twice a month for a total of 6 letters at the end of the quarter (June). Did you get that? Handwritten... so no typing your letters up in Word, folks! Also, no large packages, just simple letters, postcards and/ore greeting cards. Think of your letters as a little bit of sunshine via the post office. You never know when a positive note or word of encouragement is needed in someone's life. Your snail mail could be that in someone's day.

You can send small tokens of friendship with your letter but the idea is to go old-school and if it can't fit in a small envelope, then it's too big and not what I have in mind. There will be 6 writing prompts provided to help get the thoughts flowing - the first will be a Q&A that you'll both answer and share with each other. This Q&A will give you a brief rundown on the person you will be corresponding with this Spring. If you are a blogger, at the end of the quarter, I'd love for you to do a partnered post sharing your experience with the exchange (details on that will be sent later!) So to recap the exchange:

  • From April 1st to June 22nd you'll be partnered with 1 person to exchange letters with
  • 6 letters (postcards, cards or small envelope) will be sent total - 3 to you and 3 from you
  • At the end of the quarter, bloggers will combine forces and create a post to recap their Spring Snail Mail experience
  • Share the fun of the exchange by using the hashtag #WMMSnailMail on social media

I can't wait to kick off the exchange with you on April 1st.
To sign up, just complete this Google doc form.
If you have any questions please reach out to me by email -

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