Thursday, March 3, 2016

Married to the Blog

Today, I'm turning things over to James. I've been toying with the idea of having him guest post on a more frequent basis and when I asked if he'd write something this week, he jumped on the chance to take over for me. I'm pretty much "no it's mine" when it comes to my blog so having someone guest post for me, even if it is my husband, is tough for me. But enough of how I'm a control freak. Here is the Mister with his thoughts of being married to a blogger. 

In 1988 Orion Pictures released the crime comedy, Married to the Mob.  When Stephanie asked me to write a post about what it was like being married to a blogger immediately the phrase “Married to the Blog” popped into my head.  (Stay with me.)

I don’t think Stephanie’s blog is anything like the mob and let’s face the facts, I am no Michelle Pfeiffer.  This thought did, however, lead me to do a little research on the movie and there it was staring me right in the face.  Quickly my moment of self-satisfaction and half smile when “Married to the Blog” popped into my head turned to into a full blown smile.  (You are still reading right?)

The tagline for the film was “They’re her family whether she likes it or not.”  Nine words that so closely describe Stephanie’s love/hate relationship (mostly love by the way,) with her blog.  Over the four years she’s quit blogging for literally tens of minutes at least ten times.  The bottom line is like it or not her blog and blog community are part of her family.  There is no turning back at this point it is a part of who she is and who we are.  (Onto to the assignment.)

Being married to a blogger can’t be properly discussed without a little background story.  Stephanie started Wife Mommy Me as a way to document our son, Connor’s, early years.  Sort of an online baby book.  Once she pitched this I was immediately in love with the idea of having some moments of Connor’s life chronicled.  To be able to look back on the pictures, smiles, the funny words and to share with him and his family someday would be priceless.

Over the year’s Wife Mommy Me has grown to include more than just Connor’s trials, tribulations and victories.  Everything from recipes, to book reviews, to product reviews (even some wild ones,) to stories about us and our lives and Stephanie’s thoughts and feelings.  What started as an online baby book in many ways turned into Stephanie’s diary.  Still loving it by the way.

I am incredibly blessed to have met, fell in love with and married Stephanie.  She is a beautiful, genuine, kind and caring person.  I read her blog every single day because I enjoy it.  I also read it because it brings me closer to her.  She may share something on her blog that she was too frantic to tell me at the dinner table or that frankly I may have been too distracted to hear.  Her blog, makes me a better person and a better husband because I understand better who Stephanie is as a person.

When I typed that last line I couldn’t help but smile.  Everyone grows and develops as life progresses, we progress.  To think back at the Stephanie I met and fell in love with in 2007/2008 compared to the Stephanie now is a huge difference.

When we met (at work by the way,) she was never getting married, never having kids and was footloose, fun-loving and carefree.  She’s become such a beautiful person.  If you would have told 8-years ago that Stephanie was going to author a mommy blog I would have told you that you were nuts.  Stephanie wanted nothing to do with the domestic life.  That all changed, lucky me!

What is it like being married to a blogger?  It’s awesome.  I can’t say it is all sunshine and roses.  Sometimes the selfie or family groupie retake, after retake, after retake, photos are a little annoying and I do get a little snarky when she snaps a picture of our dinner or seems to be more involved in getting a good photo than living in the moment.  All that being said it’s a part of our lives now and I am good.

She is so dedicated to everything in her life, when she goes she goes all in and this blog is no different.  She puts her heart and soul into it and I admire and respect her so much for this.  Her level of creativity and writing ability blows me away.  Before she started blogging I wouldn’t have described Stephanie as creative, she is so creative and this blog gives her an outlet to share this with the world.

Blog or no blog, Stephanie is an amazing mother, amazing wife and an excellent “me.”

I love you baby and thank you for everything you do for Connor and I.  So the next time you think of quitting, even it if just for a few minutes…

“They’re your family whether you like it or not.”  And you more than anyone knows how important family is.

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