Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace

On hard days, I sometimes wonder how I'm ever going to get through the next 15 years. You know until my child is an adult and can then (legally) make it on his own. Maybe it's because I'm in the thick of raising a threeanger. Maybe it's because I'm fighting a smaller, version of myself.  Or is it because I often forget Connor is just like me or you or any human being that's capable of mistakes, frustrations and moments of complete mental breakdown. When nothing else seems to work, when I've pulled out all my tricks and offered up every bribe known to man, I realize that I came at the situation the wrong way. That I didn't need a quick solution. I didn't need the right answer. What I needed was GRACE. For myself. For our son. For the women around me.

Earlier this week during a devotion study with friends, I sat in awe of how many mothers doubt their abilities. Doubt their skills in raising the new generation. As I sat and listen, it was so clear to me that not only do I need grace in my every move but so does the Momma next to me. So does the little ones playing in the room below us. Because we aren't perfect. We don't have all the answers. We don't know what's right and wrong all the time. But we do know that we want the very best for ourselves, for our families, for the children God has entrusted us with, for the friends that support and encourage us.

When I found myself in a moment of pure exhausted, total defeat, what's the odds that I'm going to be able to parent Connor effectively? I'm not but instead of realizing that, fits are thrown (by both him and I) and tears are shed (again, by both of us) and I realize that I need to give myself a chance to breathe. To be human. To not know the right thing to say or do at every single second. If I'm able to give myself a bit of slack, odds are I'm going to go a bit easier on Connor as well too. After all, if I'm struggling at 33, Lord knows he is at 3.

So Mommas, give yourself some grace. Whether you are raising your first, third or seventh child, know that you deserve a little slack. A bit of grace when you can't do it all. The same with your little ones. While it seems we temper easily or even yell far more than we'd like to admit, they are new to this thing called life and it's big and scary and overwhelming. So spread grace like you do your kisses and hugs. Let the moments of stress-free quiet be your child's gift of grace to you on the harder days.

Remember Mommas, we all have our stories. They are real, honest, something we've all have or will experience. Let's pass grace within our circles like we do a shoulder to lean on. You never know who may need a little extra throughout the day.

Happy Friday!

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