Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Recap -- March Goals

Writing and posting goals seem like a great idea when I started them again in January but between last month and February, I'm coming up really short on actually achieving my goals. It's safe to say that I've failed more than I've succeed but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up. Let's see what I did check off my list and what I'm going to tackle in March. 

Here is what we managed to complete from last month's list... 
Attend an FX event at church
Learn and use StumbleUpon
Interact more of Twitter
Find time to read my favorite blogs
Less screen time (cell, computer, tv)
Knock out 3-5 101 in 1001 items
Attend story time with Ms. Jo 2 times this month
Enjoy time at Run Around Fun Town
Have a Daddy and Connor date
Have a donut themed play date with friends
Hang up decor in master bedroom
Restore my old computer (saving photos first)

Here are my March goals divided into 6 categories
Have friends over for dinner at least once this month
Have a Saturday morning coffee play date
Enjoy a family pizza night with a movie or game

Post 4 Periscope videos in February March

Run 15 miles this month
Attend 4 Zumba classes
Complete 20 in home workouts        
Up daily steps to 9,000 and hit steps daily

Have at least two date nights
Enjoy three MNOs this month

Have a Daddy and Connor date

Complete Connor's bedroom
Declutter basement

If you do the math, I accomplished 12 things from last months list and had 13 more that needed to be tackled. So instead of adding things to do those remaining to be complete, I've decided to just work on those 13 from February this month. That way in April, I'll have a brand new list of goals and will have made real progress on my quarter one goals. 

February was a really off month for me. I'm not sure if it was because James was out of town every other week, I over-planned our days or if I was just lacking motivation to get things done but it was a bust of a month. Here's to hopin' that March bring more progress and warmer temps! 

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