Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016 Recap

What an Easter we had! I shared last week that I was hosted dinner for the first time ever and I am thrilled to report that it went well, no one was poisoned by my cooking and everyone left our home with happy hearts and full bellies. Because hosting was such a big deal to me this year, I wanted to take some time and recap the fun we had. 

Saturday we attended Easter service at church. While I really really wanted to attend church on Sunday morning, I was worried that we would be cutting our time short to prepare dinner so we opted for the 6:30 night service. As always, I loved the message our pastor delivered and was again reminded of how good our God is and how faithful Christ is. 

Sunday morning was go time! I stuck to a really simple menu. I could have spent much more time in the kitchen making Pinterest worthy meals but instead, I made what I know and love and like I said, everyone who came hungry left full. In case you were curious as to what a simple menu is for me, here it is. Take in consideration I'm a really picky eater. Appetizers where deviled eggs and a cheese/meat tray with crackers along with a side salad. Our main dish was of course oven baked ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans and corn with rolls. Remember I said simple! 

Connor loved his Easter basket! I think it's safe to say that his My Little Pony was the highlight of his day. I tried to keep his basket reasonable this year but in true Stephanie fashion, I just kept adding goodies to it. I love how grown up his basket is this year. If you know our little guy, you know it screams all things Connor. Even if it includes a pony.

CJ was the lucky recipient of a toddler Bible, a sketch book, a travel book with crayons, Batman plate with a fork and spoon set, Mudding Blazer, AppleJack pony, a new bank, new figurines (finally Superman!!, a 24 piece puzzle and Paw Patrol and Inside Out travel packs. So much for going light, right? I will say that the bulk of his treats came from the Target Dollar Spot, even his basket. And did you notice that his basket was candy/sugar free? I'm really working hard on removing the extra junk from his diet. #momwin #Connorloss  

We indulged too much, caught up with family, played games, made memories. All in all, it was a fabulous Easter spent with family! I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend, too, friends!

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