Friday, March 25, 2016

Dr. Seuss's ABC -- Game and Letter Match

Connor has been in school 2 days a week since November. I am so impressed with how much he has picked up just going those 3 hours a day twice a week. One area that I've notice he still struggles with is the ability to tell me what lower cases letters are which. He has the easy ones down, you know the ones that look the same "big" or "little"? So while he knows a good chunk of them, I wanted to see if we could focus on learning all 26. With that in mind, I went to the Doc himself for some inspiration.

We've been doing themed lessons for 2 months now at home so Connor knows that we will read a book, do a craft of some sort and play a game or watch a movie. This month I picked hands-on activity so that CJ could really see the difference in letters and pick a few more along the way. First up, we went fishing for letters!


Thanks to The Kindergarten Connection I found a fishing for letters game and was able to really excite Connor as fishing has been a huge interest of his lately. You print off the capital letters and hide them in the "sea". I used poms poms. Then the kiddos fish (search) for the letters and match them to their lower case and color the bubble in. I suggest laminating your fish cards so you can use them again and again.

Next, I took the foam ABC's (as seen in my very first photo) and hid them throughout the main floor of our home. I then asked Connor to find the letters and match them with it's lower case partner. This was a huge hit as he loves running around the house. And for once he was allowed to! Some times he would struggle but in about 45 minutes, we had worked our way though the entire alphabet.

Teaching a little one is no east feat. I've focused on simple areas that I want Connor to be completely proficient in before heading to 4yo preschool in the Fall. Thanks to these activities over the last month, he now knows the letters C, F, I, J, K, M, O, P, S, T, W, X, Z, Next, I want to tackle his use of scissors and holding the pencil/crayon the proper way. Do you have any suggestion for us?

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