Saturday, February 20, 2016

What I Gave Up For Lent

Seeing as I'm not Catholic giving up something for Lent this year was new for me. Our church has focused recent sermons on the importance of Lent and the Lenten season. I decided that while Lent is very new to me that I would focus on giving up something this season in hopes of gaining more.

First up, I have to fully admit that social media is a huge part of my day and life. One because of this blog but two because I've allowed it to have such an important role. Having said that, I decided that I'd remove Facebook and Facebook Messenger from my cell phone. Facebook is such a time suck. You log on to look around and before you know it, you've wasted an entire hour of your life doing what? NOTHING. Because many people use the Wife Mommy Me Facebook page to locate new and current posts, I have allowed myself to log in from my laptop in the AM for 60 minutes to post and work with the groups I'm part of and then the same amount of time in the evening. It's just been 9 days and I can already tell you that I am loving not having the app on my phone. Maybe my Facebook removal will last longer than Lent.

Secondly, I decided to tackle a HUGE decluttering project this Lenten season. We've been back in our home for a year now and like anyone else, we have clutter and more than we truly need. I've been focusing on one project a day. It might might be the play room or my office or our master bedroom but for 2-3 hours a day, I'm cleaning, decluttering, purging and then donating goods that we are no longer using or want. I started with my closet and was able to donate 2 trash bags full of clothing to Goodwill. There were items in there that I hadn't worn since I worked my 9-5. That was over 3 1/2 years ago. It feels so good to let go of junk we don't want or use.

I've found that because I'm not distracted with social media or with a chore that needs my attention, I'm more present in my life. I've removed the nonsense and have been focusing on the important parts of my life. I think that this is a "cleanse" that I could get use to. Did you give anything for Lent? I know there are others that aren't Catholic but practice the act of giving something up for Lent and I'd love to know what you choose to give us this year. 

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