Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snapshot Sunday -- February 7

For the month of February, I'm challenging myself to blog every day. Yesterday, I shared our "After I Do" story and today, I'm going to share a snapshot of our weekend. Weekends are filled with family time with a dash of mess and tons of fun. I don't share a ton on social media over the weekends; we are just too busy having fun. But this month, I'll be giving y'all a glimpse into what our Sundays are like.

Some mornings Connor shows us how much he cares for us by letting us sleep in. 8:20!!?? I could totally get used to that! 

I've been obsessed with Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter smoothies. So much so some days I have 2, one for breakfast, one for lunch. 

Church was awesome this morning. I love spending time listening to the word then taking the week's scripture and applying it to my daily life, succeeding some times, failing other time. 

Sam's with this kid was something else. I can't even tell you how much noise he makes. And of course, Spider-Man had to join us. 

Family selfie, Spider-Man included.

I found Jen Hatmaker's 7 and I can't wait to dive into it. I loved her For the Love so I'm hoping this one is as good. 

Life is busy! Thank goodness for planners and labels. I love using Plan In Color's planner stickers; they make planning out the madness so fun and colorful. 

This is what our home looks like 98.9% of the time on the weekends. We play and play hard! 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I'm typing this as Connor and I watch the Super Bowl. In case you wanted to know, we are cheering for the Broncos! So far, they are the winning team.

Happy Sunday, friends!

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