Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snapshot Sunday -- February 28

This post is coming to you so late because this weekend was INSANELY busy. I don't know how it happens but sometimes, I seriously plan more for our day than truly necessary but here I am at 10:40 at night putting together my last Snapshot Sunday post for the month. Hope y'all had a great one! Here is a glimpse into our day.

* And yes, I woke up at 9AM this morning. Dear Connor, you're my favorite.

* Another Sunday, another Lularoe piece. I paired it with a denim jacket and rocked it all day. Best purchase to date.

* Supplies for muffins for a group meeting on Monday.

* Killin' selfies since 2012.

* I made it to church every day this month. That my friends is a true example of a miracle.

* Sunday Funday included a trip to the flea market with friends.

* Selfie with the Mister. I sure do love having him home.

* Anger from Inside Out is my spirit animal in cartoon form.

Like I mentioned before this is being posted late. I just got in from a MOPS leadership meeting so from 7-9 I was focusing on that. Now to tackle tomorrow's post and get some sleep!

Happy Sunday, friends!

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