Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gift Giving :: Date Night In Jar

I think of myself as a pretty fantastic gift giver. Except if you're my husband then odds are I'm going to fail miserably at finding you a decent gift. You would think buying for your spouse would be easier than buying for others; I know him better than anyone else! But no. Buying for James usually leaves me feeling frustrated and James being gifted a something that neither one of us are satisfied with. Thanks to my friend Leah over at Leah With Love, I nailed Valentine's gifting this year.

James and I have been focusing on us more. Our marriage, how we spend time together, focusing on building our relationship. One way to do that is going on dates. But dates outside the house can be tricky to schedule. Not only do we have to work out a babysitter, but we have to plan it around bedtime since C requires a bit of extra attention at bedtime (read we have to lay down with him each night till he drifts off to sleep). Dates at home might not be as exciting as those out on the town but with our jar, we are guaranteed 2 dates a month which is far more than we've had in the past. And it allows us to have time with just each other, something that is hard to come by with our busy schedules.

The idea is that James will plan one night and I'll plan another. This is definitely a gift that will keep on giving, allowing us to date each other month after month. An added bonus is that our dates are simple, fun activities we can do at home while Connor is upstairs sleeping.

Creating our Date Night In Jar was a piece of cake. I printed out all of the date night options, which can be downloaded for FREE from Leah's blog and put them in a jar I picked up from Hobby Lobby. I used PicMonkey to create the lid label and added silver and gray ribbon for a touch of color to the jar. I choose 24 date nights that best fit our personalities and likes from the lists Leah shared with her readers. This allows us to have two dates a month for the next year! I also threw in red crinkle paper to make the jar a bit more full since the printables don't take up a ton of space.  

This gift is not only perfect for Valentine's but could easily use it for anniversaries, birthdays, Sweetest Day and Christmas.

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