Wednesday, February 17, 2016

All Things Love

I love celebrating holidays. I don't mean going over the top with gifts, dinners and decor for every single holiday celebrating but making an effort and taking the time to add a bit of fun to our day in honor of the special occasion. With Valentine's Day this past weekend, I wanted to enjoy a low-key Valentine's with my guys. And that's exactly what we did.


On Friday, C and I attended a Red, Love and Hearts class. This is the 4th month that I've taken Connor to a holiday themed class at a local rec center. The 45 minute class is packed full of crafts, music, reading and snacks. Connor loves these classes and does so well playing with others and listening to the instructor. I'm constantly in awe of how big our baby is getting. Next month, we get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and I'm looking forward to another fun class. Not only does Connor have a blast, but I get new material for our "Look At What I Made" board.

While visiting south of town, I decided to stop by a local bakery that is known for the best cakes and sweets in town. I told Connor he could pick out one cookie. He took his time and finally landed on this one. It took him nearly 45 minutes to eat just the sprinkles off. It was a perfectly good cookie going to waste thanks to him using his fingers to eat just the toppings.

Valentine's is really low-key for us. I don't necessary agree with it being a Hallmark holiday as I think celebrating your loved ones is always a fun experience so while we do exchange gifts, we don't spend a lot and keep our day pretty simple.

And while not all ladies loves flowers, I do. I love having fresh flowers on display and if I could manage having them in every room, I would. We hope you had a wonderful Sunday celebrating all things love.

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