Monday, February 8, 2016

A Q&A with my Valentine

With Valentine's Day on Sunday, I wanted to focus a bit on my Valentine, my Mister. I shared our working romance in this post and wanted to take the chance to share a bit of my guy with my readers. After all if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be a wife or mommy. Today, I want to share a simple Q&A we conducted. I asked Coxy a handful of questions and these are James's responses. I can promise you he is a sincere as these answers make him out to be; I don't have to polish his responses. He is such a romantic, which I'm not but it's perfect for our marriage; a balance of sorts. I'm truly a lucky lady.

What is your favorite memory of us together? 
It's difficult to pick a favorite because there are so many good memories. Some of my favorites are just the simple things like hanging out the couch. If I absolutely had to pick one favorite it would be the time we spent in Florida when you were pregnant. That was a great trip.

What is the greatest strength in our marriage?
We truly love each other and it shows in many ways. We laugh together, we talk, we hold each other accountable. We enjoy spending time with each other. 

What would you like us to do together that we haven't done before?
I want us to learn to do something together. Something outside of a class we might take at church. Something like a cooking class or a hobby of some kind. 

How would we spend a million dollars?
If we won a million dollars, it would be up to you to spend it. Of course, I'm kidding. There would be a fairly long list. I would pay off our debt. Purchase a new home. Take a family vacation. Trade in our current cards in for new ones, paid in full. Invest/Save the remaining amount.

If we had to live in another country, where would we go?
You know that I would never, ever, ever live in another country. If I was forced and had unlimited income, perhaps Italy.

Where do you think we will be in 5 year from now?
Even more in love than we are now. Connor will be 8 and attending a school we are all happy with. We will be in a new house and have very little debt. We have both finally got our acts together and be living healthy. Involved more in church. We'd have a unified hobby or something we like to do as a family. 

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