Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday V1

It's mid-January and millions of people are slowly leaving all their resolutions and best of intentions behind. Life is hard as is so adding goals and restrictions can be tough. I've fallen into the cycle of trying something for a bit then having a bad day or two and then totally tossing the goal out the window. That mentality is what got me here today with the desire to lose 34 pounds this year.

Today is the first post in a monthly series I'm titled "Weight Loss Wednesday" (creative, right?). Each month, I'll share my successes, my failures, what's been working for me, what hasn't. I may even find the perfect magically solution to the war on weight and share it right here on this little dot com of mine (kidding of course). My hope isn't to be known as a weight loss or health blogger. No. I want others who are striving for better overall health like myself to have someone real, honest and open about how effin' hard it is to shred the pounds to talk with about #thestruggle. So enough chit chat, let's see what progress I've made this month.

I starting 2016 at my heaviest weight ever. While I would love to give you the exact number, I can't. I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe when I achieve my goal, I'll be so excited I've lost the weight I won't mind but today, I do. It's a big number and one I never want to see again.

I had a simple plan in place on New Year's Day. One that was easy enough to handle day to day because that's what dieting is to me. One good day followed by another than another and so on. Of course bad days happen but for me, I take it one day at a time and strive to do better, be better the next.  

My plan was the following -- eat better, drink more water, move more and hit sleep and step goals. 

Eat better -- I'm using MyFitnessPal to track my calories. I have my goal set at 1650 calories a day with a half pound loss per week. Let me do the math for you, if I lose .5 pounds a week for the entire year that 27 pounds. That's the bulk of the 34 pounds I want to lose. But we know there will be months of gain and month of big loss so I feel my goal of 34 pounds is totally manageable. Just .8 pounds a month.

Drink more water -- Today marks day 20 that I haven't had a single soda. This is big. No this is stop the presses huge. I depended on the caffeine and sugar in my daily drinks to get me through the day. Well no more. I've been drinking on average 100 ounces of water a day. I splurge from time to time and enjoy a green tea but mostly, it's water.

Move more -- this is my biggest area for improvement. This month, I want to aim for 20 days of fitness. This is either Zumba classes, working out at home and walking with Dean. I'm a bit behind but have time to catch up. Additionally, I want to hit my step goal of 8,500 steps each day. So far this has been very doable. Here is what this month looks like as of Sunday, the 17th. I've hit 12 days and missed 5, with a daily average of 9,086!
Sleep more -- you all are familiar with the sleep wars I've endured as a Momma. Those are currently on hiatus and we've been getting some pretty amazing sleep around these parts. My goal is to get an average of 8 hours a night. This is going to be tough because my sleep isn't something I can control - thanks Connor! - but I plan to head to bed earlier than I used to, giving myself a chance to get some quality zzz. Here is a snapshot at my sleep over the last month. I've hit my goal of 8 hours only 8 times with my monthly average being 7 hours and 50 minutes. Totally room for improvement.

With all those factors in place -- eat better, drink more water, move more and hit sleep and step goals -- it's time for me to share my first weight loss update....

Since January 1st, I've lost 8 pounds.
Which puts my new goal to lose 26 pounds this year. 

There you have it. Month one of "Weight Loss Wednesday" is in the books. Now that I've laid out my plan for you, I plan to share details on meals, workouts along with any tips and tricks I discover to help shed some weight in the months to come. My biggest celebration is going to come when I hit a particular weight, having lost another 7 pounds. This will be a weight I haven't seen since May 15, 2014! While I know the scale isn't the All Mighty, I do know that the smaller that number gets, the better I feel. Inside and out. I have more energy, I'm happier, I love life more. It's not that I'm vain but having a healthier lifestyle helps in ways that matter off scale too. 

Happy Wednesday friends!

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