Thursday, January 28, 2016

Twelve Months of Bliss :: Own It

I've been a huge fan of Ember Grey for the longest time. Emily's blog is one of the first I can remember reading. I've been dying to join her Twelve Month of Bliss series and finally the stars have aligned and I'm finally joining it this year. Over the next 12 months, I'll be sharing my "bliss" through the prompts provided. If you'd like to join, visit Emily's space for all the details.

January's prompt was OWN IT. With New Year resolutions still fresh in our minds, owning what you plan to change is easier than every before. I hope to focus on and improve 6 areas of my life this year. One of those six is my health. I shared details on this month's progress in last week's Weight Loss Wednesday. But Twelve Months of Bliss gave me the extra confidence to really OWN what I wanted to change. Emily pushed me to single out one area to challenge myself on. I choose to focus on healthy meals and beverage choices along with no soda and no fast food.

Once I picked out what I wanted to OWN this month, I wrote it out along with 5 steps that will help me reach my goal. I made the above photo my cell phone background so that I would see it daily and be reminded to stay focus on my long-term goals, even when giving up seemed easier. We were told to incorporate a OWN it partner this month too. I am lucky to have 84 ladies cheering me on thanks to an online Healthy Actions Challenge group. We share our meals, our highs, our lows, our gym selfies, everything.

While OWNing it doesn't stop this month, the beginning is usually the hardest. But I'm nearly a month in and haven't given in yet. Putting plans in place to succeed, believing in myself and having the support of friends near and far is going to give me the extra push I need to reach goals this year that I've been striving for for far too long.

Ember Grey Twelve Months of Bliss

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