Monday, January 11, 2016

Ten on the Tenth :: January

Happy Monday! This morning, I'm joining Rebekah Gough for 10 on 10 : Ten photos taken on the 10th of the month capturing the beauty in the ordinary. I thought about getting my "real" camera out for this post but decided to keep the photos real and honest and as simple and basic as possible so these photos are straight from my phone to this post. No editing, no touching up. Just us. Here is this month's 10 photos on the 10th of the month.

                                                      ONE || Sunday Selfies will my littlest love.

TWO || Prepping for some fun in the snow ... for the first time ever! 

THREE || Showing off his Super Hero Potato Heads.

FOUR || That white basic? Nothing but un-matted socks. My least favorite task ever. 

FIVE || Having a snowball fight with Papa. 

SIX || Warm and cozy while I read a bit.

SEVEN || If nothing else gets done around the house, the beds are always made. 

EIGHT || Movie theater amazement. 

NINE || Dinner. 

TEN || Finally showering at 10 till 9. #momlife

 photo wife-fb_zpslks5ogxj.png photo wife-insta_zpse5smfnw9.png photo wife-pinterest_zpskhjg9hif.png photo wife-twitter_zpsftg5xqcc.png photo wife-bloglovin_zpsn7pcq7ms.png

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