Friday, January 29, 2016

Monthly Moments :: January

Happy Friday friends! Today starts a new series for me on the blog. I take a lot of pictures in a single day. Most I don't do much with, others I share one Facebook or IG and occasionally this blog. I wanted to make it a priority to start sharing more of our every day lives through the photos we snap day to day so starting this month and throughout the year, the last day of the month is going to be known as Monthly Moments: Our Month in Photos.

Here are a handful of my favorite photos that we've taken throughout January.

Morning hair at it's finest. We had to pull out the spray bottle and blow dryer that morning.

Wherever I am, Connor likes to be. Even if it means laying on kitchen floor while I do dishes.

Our little bowler sizing up the job at hand.

How come my 3 year old looks so big? Time please stop!

These energy bites are amazing. Take my advice and make a double batch!

Working out at home is so tough for me because I get distracted but I've been able to get in 13 workouts in the "comfort" of our home. Next month, I'm aiming for 20.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie, how have I lived this long without you?

Never go up against me in Clue. You will lose. 

Our sweet boy. Sometimes I just look at him and my heart aches with how much I adore him. 

Proud Momma moment. Connor lined up each of his cars, grouping them by color then counted to 32 all by himself. 

We put together a simple Valentine's card for friends and let me just admit right here, right now - crafting doesn't come natural for Connor and me. 

The "Texas Baby" experiencing his first ever snow day. 

January is so close to be over and this weekend we have a ton of plans with family and friends. While I want time to slow down, I'm also enjoying the fact that we are these.close to being done with winter. I am really looking forward to Spring and getting outdoors. 

Happy Weekend!

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