Thursday, January 7, 2016

January's Thoughts for Thursday

Oh Thursday how I've been looking forward to you all week long. I have a MNO planned for tonight and it couldn't get here fast enough. This has been a tough week with a sick toddler so a couple hours out of the house will do me so good. Since I'm running on little sleep this week, I'm going to fill this post with "Thoughts on Thursday".

We had a blast at The Newport Aquarium this past week. We scored a great deal on passes, too, so I foresee lots of day trips for me and Frank. Especially this Summer when it gets too hot to be outdoors. 

I had this moment around Christmas when I just became totally overwhelmed with how awesome Connor is. I love being in his presence. He is funny, full of personality and give me a run for my money most days but may do I love him big.

Thanks to a weekend full of kid activities - aquarium, museum and train center - Connor caught some nasty virus and it's been Hell. He has the worst cough and the snot. Let's not go there. I am so over it, as is he I'm sure. We visited the doctor yesterday and the recovery time on this strand of virus is anywhere between 2-3 weeks. This is where I'd usually use lots of four letter words but instead I'll just cry. 

I begged C to get a photo with me while we celebrating NYE with the sharks at the aquarium. He finally gave in and this was what I got. The greatest thing is that this totally sums up our relationship. Smiles and Sass: making memories since 2012.

So every photo in this college is food related and I am not one bit worried about it. Like the bulk of all Americans, I've set some healthy eating and weight loss goals for myself and that means I get to discover new foods and become obsessed with their awesomeness. I went to the store for this fried rice specifically; it's that delicious. Add chicken or pork and you have a meal that is half the calories of take-out. 

I'm looking for ways to indulge in some sweets without blowing my calorie intake and when I discovered Oikos Triple Zero, I was instantly curious. I had the chocolate yesterday and while I have this weird love/hate with Greek yogurt, it was pretty good. Worth the calories and with 15g of protein, it's a keeper. 

I gave up soda and it's been pretty smooth without it thanks to this "dessert" coffee as James calls it. I like sweets and that includes my coffee. However, I would drink this Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer by the jug if that wasn't frowned upon. Hand to Jesus, it's like you are eating a sugar cookie and who hates cookies? No one. I'm hoping to snag some more soon before it's gone since it's a holiday flavor. 

With hopes of keeping myself from falling off the wagon, I bought all the ingredients to make no bake energy bites. Pinterest had a ton of recipes and I decided to go with Gimme Some Oven's recipe. I need something I can grab and eat on the way to school and MOPS on Tuesdays/Thursdays. I'm going to make them this weekend and will share my review in a few weeks. 

So this entire post was dedicated to Connor and food. That's a pretty perfect combination if you ask me. What's going on in your world today? I'm really looking forward to the weekend and I am praying that Connor rebounds. He has missed a full week of school and I'd love for him to get to go back sooner than later. Not to mention, being sick just stinks. Here's to hoping things get better soon!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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