Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 2016 - Monthly Goals

Back in the day goals was my thing. I'd work on them day in and day out then something happened and 2015 came around and I updated you (and held myself accountable) once on my progress. That was in May of 2015. That's an awfully long time ago. But with a new year comes new chances at success. With that in mind, I've set goals for myself that I plan to work on daily and share my progress with you through monthly check-ins.
 Here are my January goals broken down into six categories.

Visit EnterTRAINment Junction
Go on a movie date
Start attending church again - Saturday or Sunday
Have friends over for dinner at least once this month

Join 1 new linkup a week
Hit 2,600 Followers on Pinterest (if you aren't following me now would be the perfect time!)
Purge my Facebook groups
Opt Out of Sponsorships 

Continue drinking water or green tea -- NO SODA
Eat breakfast - DON'T SKIP!
Complete 20 in home workouts 
Continue to use MyFitnessPal to track meals 

Read Savor: 365 Devotions daily and journal thoughts/feelings
Enjoy three MNOs this month
Less screen time (cell, computer, tv)
Knock out 3-5 101 in 1001 items 

Attend story time with Ms. Jo 2 times this month
Take a class at Kettering Rec
Work on new flashcards
Have one play date with friends

Complete Connor's bedroom 
Hang up decor in master bedroom
Restore my old computer (saving photos first)
Send snail mail 

I have to admit ... that took some work! Maybe it's because I haven't set monthly goals in quiet some time but that was tougher than it should have been. Hopefully with a few months under my belt, I'll be completing goals and creating new ones for myself with ease.

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