Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites :: January 22

Happy Friday friends! Here are this week's highlights. 

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Here are this week's posts in case you've missed them...

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I am officially hooked on shopping at SAM's. I won a year membership at our MOPS Chili Cook-off and Auction and as soon as I was kid-free this week I redeemed that bad boy and did some shopping. My girlfriend told me that I could buy bread there cheaper (depending on brand of course) and freeze a loaf to use later since it comes in 2 loaf packs. So I'm giving it a shot. She swears everyone does this; do you? I still can't get used to having a loaf of bread in our freezer.


I didn't drink coffee until I became a mom. The extra sugar and caffeine was much needed. But lately, I've been trying to cut back on making a simple black coffee into a dessert coffee as James calls it. I am a total #4 with hopes of one day being a #2 but have no plans of every being a #1. Black coffee has this taste that needs watered down with creamer. Sugar Cookie creamer to be exact.

| FOUR |

Crafting with Connor takes a ton of patience and while I love the outcome and the keepsakes/gifts we make, I can't imagine doing crafts more than twice a month. I don't feel too bad about our lack of crafting because I don't think C is too crazy about them either. Good thing he gets any fix he needs from school twice a week.

| FIVE |

I have a book problem and don't see how it's every going to go away. I'm currently working through The Island by Elin Hilderbrand and while I like the story thus far, I'm discovering I have no extra time to read lately. I need to finish and start Room because some girlfriends what to see it in theaters. I'm going to commit to reading an hour a day starting next week. I'm not sure where this time will come from but with 24 hours in the day, I'm bound to have an hour to spare. Right?

Enjoy your weekend.
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