Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's The Little Things: Playing In The Rain

Last week, we were treated to a day filled with nothing but rain. When I say treated, I mean exactly that. Having lived in the heart of Texas for 2 years, rain is something that we didn't see much of and found ourselves missing it more and more. Connor was always quick to ask if he could watch the rain. We would open the garage door and play in the garage while the rain fell.

So when Connor asked to use Poppy's (that's what he has started calling James #meltmyheart) umbrella so he could stomp in the rain, I was happy to oblige.

I shared one of these photos on Facebook and Instagram with this caption: One day he will be grown, doing his own thing, making a name for himself in the world. But today, he is my 2 year old who wanted to jump in the puddles and use Poppy's umbrella. Today, I let him be little

This particular morning made me feel all the feelings. I love Connor's sense of freedom. His love for the outdoors. His smile. The way the simplest things make his world go round.  When you are 2, life is all about the little things. And as a Mom, you've gotta take a step back and be okay with letting your child play in the 43 degree rain, in his pajamas and snow boots because at that moment, this is what makes your littlest love happy.

Monday, March 30, 2015

#boyMOM Box Swap Reveal

Happy Monday! Today, we get to share with you the goodies we received from Meghan and Noah over at The Adventure Starts Here in our #boyMOM Box Swap. Meghan and I are both Mommas to 2 year olds so it was fun shopping and sharing goodies that we both know our littlest men would enjoy. 

Connor was beyond excited to play with his new "master paints". I think that term was invented when I called one of his paintings a masterpiece. We grabbed a couple extra items and kicked off a morning filled with watercolors and fire trucks! 


How cute does he look in his hazmat suit? #dying This smock is perfect for little artists like Connor. It covers so much of his tiny little person that I didn't have to worry about him getting paint on his clothing or any part of the chair/floor. I highly recommend picking one up for your littlest love.

90 minutes.. yes 90 minutes later, Frank loves to paint, color and draw, we had some pretty adorable pieces of artwork.

Thank you to Meghan for treating us to something so fun! This raining afternoon gave us time to work on our colors, shapes and the proper way to hold a paintbrush. I see many more days spent making "master paints".

Wife Mommy  Me

Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday!

I can't believe it! Can you? Wife Mommy Me is 3 years old today! I had no clue what I was doing when I started blogging but I am beyond happy that I did! From my very first post to this one, we've grown so much and it's all been documented here for all to read. Our highs and lows, moments filled with joy and those of sadness, expanding our family, moving away and so much more. This space has come to mean so much more than I ever would have imagined; this blog is an extension of who I am as a person. To celebrate 3 years of growth, discovery and sharing, my blog friends and I have put together a giveaway that YOU WILL LOVE!

Your giveaway hosts:
Yours Truly || Christine || Kristen
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Courtney || Emilie || Samantha || Kati

Along with $175 glorious dollars to Target, you will also receive 4 blog ad space spots. One lucky winner will get the chance to grow their blog with ad space on the following blogs:

Our giveaway closes in one week! There are 45+ points up for grab in the Rafflecopter so enter to win today! Think of all you can do with $175 to TARGET! #dollarspotparadise

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coffee For Two || March

Getting together with girlfriends is an activity that I hold dear. As a full time SAHM some of my days are filled with nothing but 2 year old fun (and the occasional moment of chaos). Etching out time with my friends can be hit or miss so I treasure the time we get together. If you and I were to grab a cup of coffee and settled in for some "us" time, this is what I would be sharing...

... I miss Texas far more than I ever imagined. I miss the warm Spring weather, the sense of community and most of all, my girlfriends. Being in a Mom group was a blessing and a curse. While I could do without the politics of such social circles, I miss having play dates and being able to connect with other Moms while our children played and wore each other out. Dear Texas, from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry I didn't appreciate you when I had you.

... I wish we could win the lottery or come across an extra $150,000. That amount would pay off our debt, our home and both cars and still leave a (huge) savings. I don't know why it's so hard for us to do but we flat out suck at sticking to a budget and creating a savings. It would be wonderful if we could create a budget and stick to it and build our savings. This is something that needs to be done but neither of us seem concerned with it.

... How do some moms do it all? Between traveling to Oklahoma, a sick Connor and taking care of our home, I have zero time to really just relax. I've toyed with the idea of cutting back on blogging some and that's still a possibility but really, I don't have a lot of down time and yet, I feel like I'm always a day behind or forgetting to do this, that or the other. Maybe I need to be getting up at 6AM daily to get it all done. That sounds fun.. or not..

... We went to church on Sunday for the first time in nearly a year and we loved it. I'm fairly confident that this is going to be our new home church and I'm so excited to see how our faith grows. I want nothing more than to have Connor grow up in church and while we did well the first year of his life, we haven't been as committed as we should be.

... Our pet fish Nemo died on Tuesday and I nearly cried. Not because I was overly attached to the thing but because I was sick to my stomach thinking about how to explain it to Connor. Luckily for me, he hasn't asked. God bless the attention span of a two year old. If I'm this upset over explaining a fish dying, how the Hell will I explain it to him when we lose a loved one? This is one part of parenting I'm not cut out for. I don't handle loss well.

... I am now the admin for a Thrive Mom Local group and my hope is that I make our group grow and be a source of support and freedom for mom regardless of where they are in their lives. I loved being a part of MOPS in Texas and there aren't a lot of MOPS options in our area that will work with Connor's school schedule in the Fall. My goal with Thrive is that we (Connor and I) will meet and make friends that we can have play dates with and mom night's out with.

What's weighing on your heart or mind this week? Open up and share it with me. I would love to be able to talk about things with you or even pray for you if that's what you need most.

Wife Mommy Me

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Personalized Childrens Book from I See Me!

While on the lookout for a book for Connor's Easter basket, I discover I See Me! and instantly fell in love with their personalized childrens book

I See Me! provides the highest quality, most unique children's books available. Opened for business in May of 2000 by a husband/wife duo after they received a personalized book as a gift for their first son in 1998. While they loved the fact that it was personalized, the couple thought that the illustrations could have been much better and the story more customized to the child. Thus I See Me! was born.

I choose the God Loves Me book to personalize for Connor. I was able to incorporate his name through out the book and a special message from James and I. You can also add a photo of your child to the first page. I skipped this step because I wanted to focus on the story and illustration over a photo of Connor.

I See Me! offers a variety of book themes. Here are a handful that I plan to add to Connor's library: The Very Important Preschooler, Connor's Very Happy Birthday, My Very Own Pirate Tale and Speedster Connor. From their catalog of books, I'm confident that there is a book available for personalization for just about every milestone and celebration. I See Me! doesn't stop at books, either. They offer puzzles, coloring books, placemats and so much more.

Head over to I See Me! and pick out the perfect gift for your little one. Shop this week, find gifts for Easter, birthdays, first day of school and even Christmas and score FREE shipping!

As always, I'm only sharing I See Me! with you because it's a company and product my family and I enjoy. I received a free book for my honest, unbiased review. Place your order today and I promise you'll be just as happy as I was with your gift.

Connect with I See Me! on social media:
Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/iseemebooks/  ||  #iseemebooks

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MTT :: Baby #2 & Expanding Your Family

If you've been around for a while or now me in real life, you are fully aware of our family's "One & Done" membership. I've talked about that before and you can read about it here. Today's Mom Talk Tuesdays topic is Baby #2 and Expanding Your Family. Are you confused as to why a Mom who doesn't want anymore children would pick this as a topic? It's because I wanted to take this as my opportunity to be real, raw and open about my experience as a parent.

Let me set the scene for you...
Connor and I just got back from a week vacation. While on such vacation, there were times when I would have to change him on the go. Connor hates, loathes, despises being on a changing table, always has. He hates being on his back unless is he laying flat on the (bedroom, living room, bathroom) floor. On Friday, while driving from Oklahoma to Ohio, we had to made a pit stop to gas up, potty and change C's diaper. Promising him I would be quick, to just lay down so we could change him and get back in the car, he decided enough was enough and flipped the eff out. He was twisting, turning, grabbing any piece of my clothing he could. When he couldn't get a tight enough hold, he did want any child would do in such dire situations: he wrapped his arms around my neck and balled his hands into my hair. He was pulling himself up from the changing table by the hair on MY HEAD. As I unwrapped his hands from my hair, I stood him up and worked on changing his pooped filled diaper while he was standing up. It was at this moment that I was again reminded that parenting is not for the faint of heart and we would be potty training Connor the moment we ran out of diapers.

While this kind of behavior isn't normal for Connor - I truly believe he has a fear of being on his back- it was enough to make me realize that while I love being Connor's Mom and becoming a Mom has made me the person I was meant to be, there is no way I will ever be a parent to another child.

At times, I feel guilty that I don't feel guilty for not wanting more for our family. Why you wonder? Because I have close friends and family that are struggling to expand their family or even start one and here I sit, taking birth control and praying that God supports my desires for this to be it for our family. But something happened while I was in Oklahoma and I realized that it's not quilt I experience when I talk with a girlfriend about having another child or her struggle to do so; it's a feeling of total peace with where we stand as a family. I will never have to learn about another child: his or hers mannerisms or wants or needs or personality. I know every part of Connor. I know what each of his facial expressions mean, what pisses him off and what makes him the happiest boy in all of the universe. Knowing my child this way brings me such peace and calming, erasing any guilt I should feel about not wanting to give him a sibling. 

Connor is persistent. He is strong-willed. He pushes his boundaries. He loves to laugh. Being the center of attention is his happy place. He requires little sleep and loves to go, go go! He is exactly like his father. And I love that about him. But these are characteristics that can create headache and stress for a full time stay at home Mom, not to mention leaving me far too tired to even make another baby #realtalk. That's what parenting is. Love and chaos, laughter and tantrums. Highest of highs and never-ending exhaustion. However, there is no reason in this world that would make me think having another child would be fun, easy or manageable. I know what I am capable of as a Mom. I could not keep my shit together if I were responsible for a newborn and a very active newborn. No way on Earth.

Don't get me wrong; I totally understand that parenting is rough. As much as Connor challenges us, he is also the funniest, sweetest, most adorable being on the face of the planet. I could listen to him talk all day... well, I have to, actually. He never stops. He has the best laugh and the most perfect smile. He is full of personality and I wouldn't want it any other way. He makes our world brighter, happier, filled with more joy than I ever thought possible. But with these highs, come the (terrible 2) lows.

While this is always a sensitive topic and a very personal one, I'm confident that James and I are doing what's best for our family. We both agree that being parents to just Connor is exactly what we want. So while friends and family bring new little ones home and expand their families, I will celebrate. I will rejoice in your happiness and cuddle those sweet babes with the deep love of an extra aunt. Just don't expect me to be sharing any pregnancy announcements.

Monday, March 23, 2015

What Writer's Block Looks Like For A Blogger

Truth life: it's 8PM on Sunday evening and I'm s.t.r.u.g.g.l.i.n.g to find any part of my inner creative blogger. I have all these fabulous ideas but haven't had the time to put them in writing. I don't like skipping a weekday so I've been thinking and thinking of what to share with you. Once it became painfully obvious I wasn't going to create magic, I decided to just share what happens when I struggle with content.

When writer's block hits, I do what I know best ... I pick up a White Mocha and I create lists. And here is this week's miscellaneous list of Stephanie thoughts.

Last week, I shared with you that you can vote for my CandyLESS Easter Basket on Dollar Tree's Happier Easter site. Votes are still being counted so I would love for you to take a couple minutes out of your day and vote. Follow THIS LINK and look for my basket. If I'm lucky enough to win, I could walk away with $500! While I would love to buy things from my Momma Wants list, I think it would be much more productive to put that extra income towards Connor's preschool costs. And while you are feeling generous, if you wanted to vote for me over at My So-Called Chaos's site, I would love it. I'm up for Social Servant. I guess all that time on social media has paid off!

Tomorrow is the 3rd installment of Mom Talk Tuesdays. This month's topic is Baby #2 (or whatever number you may be on) and expanding your family. This is a great way to share your thoughts on growing your family (or not); the struggles you've had with finding the "right" time, your pros and cons, etc. Be open and honest. As a One & Done Momma, I love hearing your thoughts. I'll be sharing a story that will make your stomach ache from laughing at me while causing you to pray that I make it through parenthood. #promise

I started sponsorships at the beginning of the year and while I've been blessed to have so many people want to support WMM, sponsorships are a ton of effin' work. If I'm being transparent, I've made a little over $50 and feel like I've worked really hard for that fifty bucks. I'm going to be reevaluating what I offer in my sponsor shop and plan to make some changes in April. If you offer sponsorship programs on your blog, how in the world do you keep it all together?

And finally, I have a giveaway that you do not want to miss starting on Friday. I don't want to give too many details away but here's a hint: it's involves every stay at home Mom's happy place.

There you have it. This is the kind of post you get when a blogger hits a writer's block barricade. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and let's make the very most of your Monday! I'll be home all. day. long. cleaning, doing laundry and decorating the house. I know you're envious #ornot

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Bucket List: Toddler, Momma & Family

Happy 1st Day of Spring! While the temperatures aren't exactly Spring-ish, they are warmer and that means it's time to create a Spring Bucket List for myself and family. With a new house and neighborhood to explore, it's time to make the most of the sunny days with a Spring Bucket List! 
Connor's List
Complete a scavenger hunt
Visit three new parks
Take a Lowes class with Papa
Plant a flower
Have a picnic with friends
Make rock art with Momma

Momma's List
Decorate interior: window treatments, wall decor and kitchen details
Tackle flower beds and front porch
Set up deck for warm weather fun in the backyard
Coffee date with Tracy
Dinner with Sarah
Schedule Connor's 2.5 year old photos

Family List
Visit Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
Enjoy an afternoon at Young's Dairy
Visit the Zoo
Go on a family hike
See a movie in the theater
Host dinner for friends

What's on your agenda for this Spring? Spring pushes out nasty Old Man Winter and ushers in the start of bright and sun, fun-filled days. It's perfect for fresh starts. I'm really looking forward to opening up the windows and enjoying breezy days. Spring, after Fall, is my favorite time of year!

Update #1 can be found here in this post.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet Lexi from A Blissful Haven

Hi I'm Lexi. I am a 22 year old living in Ohio. On my blog A Blissful Haven, you will find my day to day adventures with my boyfriend and our dog, Boone. In addition to my adventures, you'll find my thoughts on my current read during our monthly book club, current fashion trends, what movies/shows I'm watching, and so much more.  

WMM: What do you love about blogging? What's the one thing you can do without?

Lexi: I love the freedom to write about whatever that comes to mind.  Since I have stopped going to college and gotten a full time job, I don't really have a whole lot of girlfriends.  I created A Blissful Haven so that I can meet people and talk about things that I enjoy. Luckily, I haven't faced any negativity, so there really isn't anything I could go without.

WMM: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Lexi: If I could go anywhere in the world, I think I would want to go to the Bahamas. Every since I saw Mary Kate and Ashley's Holiday in the Sun movie, I have dreamt about going to the Atlantis resort. I think it would be so perfect and relaxing!

WMM: If you could meet one blogger in real lief, who would it be?

Lexi: I would want to meet Janea from The Hungry Runner Girl. She is the first blog that I ever started reading and she is such an amazing person. I have no doubt we would be the best of friends.

WMM: Using the first letter of your name (A), describe yourself in 4 words.

Lexi: Adventurous, Affectionate, Athletic and Aspirer.

Be sure to visit A Blissful Haven and let her know I sent you! 
Happy Hump Day friends!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's The Little Things: A Boy & His Books

If there is one characteristic of Connor's I want him to forever hold on to, it's his love of reading. I started reading to him when I was pregnant and haven't stopped. He loves picking out a few books before nap and at bedtime for us to read. While some days, we read much less than others, we always try to find a few minutes to read a quick favorite. I truly believe in the quote "reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body".

Grabbing a few favorites, Thomas, Tip Tip Dig Dig and anything Halloween, and piling up with our friends (Mickey and Lots So) on the floor to read is how we whine down after a day full of play.

Letting Connor pick his book has turned out to be the best "battle" I choose to lose. So yeah, we read the same ones week after week. We also read Halloween books in March. It makes for a happy 2 year old and who doesn't love a happy toddler, you know?

Hearing Connor read a story to me makes my book lovin' heart melt. And when I say read, I mean read. He memorizes things so quickly and soon enough, he is reading me night time stories.

It's the little things like your littlest love, reading his beloved books surrounded by his stuffed friends.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Working Romance

Fact Number 1: I married my coworker.
Fact Number 2: I'm not the only one who has found love in the workplace.

I meet husband in December 2007 when we both worked for the same IT training company. At the time, he was married and I was engaged. Within months of meeting, we both had ended our relationships. And before you start thinking our love is based on scandal, let me set the record straight.

James was married for a little over 7 years before his marriage ended thanks to infidelity, on her behalf not his or ours. When I meet James at the end of 2007, their marriage had already crumbled and they were living separately and divorce proceedings where under way. I was engaged to a guy that I had been dating for 2.5 years. He popped the question in November 2007 and shortly thereafter, I started seeing warning signs indicating that I wasn't picking the right person for my happily ever after. One fight lead to another and in early 2008, we went our separate ways. 

In February of 2008, James invited me to see a live music performance in our hometown. It just so happen to be on Valentine's Day. In one single evening, I knew that he was a catch. But was he mine? For the first time in my life, I was single, living on my own and supporting myself 100%. I was liking my freedom and sense of "I am woman, hear me roar". Over the next 2 months, James and I would go to lunch together, meet up on the weekends and he soon became the 4th member of my group of single friends: Tracy, Kristin, James and I. We spent our weekends being young and foolish and making more poor decisions than we are comfortable admitting.

In April of that year, I could tell that things between James and I was more than just coworkers and friends. There was something there. James challenged me in ways I'd never been challenged before. He listened and cared to hear what I was saying and thought. He engaged me in his life and wanted to be a part of my world. He liked me for who I was and not as someone he wanted me to be. He treated me like a woman and was nothing but a total gentleman. 

April 19, 2008 James asked me to be his girlfriend. Yes... he asked... I'm old-fashioned in the strangest of ways. We dated and lived separately until that Fall. Once James's divorce was final, we decided to take our relationship to the next level and I moved in with him in September. At this point, I decided to find a new job as well. The idea of working and living with him wasn't something that fit well into our situation. The job change was tough at first but within a year, I had meet my best friend so it was really a blessing in disguise.

We soon discovered a whole new level of respect, love and dedication in our relationship. Something that we had never experienced before. I can't image my life without James. The love he has for Connor and I is something that I will forever be amazed by. He is my Mister and I'm blessed to be able to say "I'm Yours" to him day after day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Did you vote today?!

Do you remember when you voted for the first time? Was it for class president? Or homecoming king and queen? Or maybe it was for The President of the United States. Either way, you've been told all your life how every vote counts and today, that's as true as ever before. Today, I'm asking you, my readers, my fans, my family and friends to vote for Wife Mommy Me in two online campaigns.

First up is my CandyLESS Easter Basket

You can find my CandyLESS Easter Basket showcased on ILeaveHappy.com. The Dollar Tree is giving one lucky blogger $500 for their Happier Easter creation. Visit their voting site ILeaveHappy.com and vote for my Easter themed created. Just look for this image:


As a way to say THANK YOU for voting, ten lucky voters will win a $50 Dollar Tree gift card. Think of all you can get for $50!

Up next is My So-Called Chaos' 2015 Best of Blog Awards: Final Voting.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Wife Mommy Me for the Best of the Blog World Awards! We've made to Round 2, where we are paired up with 2 other amazing social media presences. Do me a favor and vote again for us?! Visit My So-Called Chaos' blog to vote. This final vote determines the winner!

Thank you so much for taking time up out of your day to read our blog and vote for us! I love the community blogging has brought to our world and for the support y'all shower me with! And just like the polling places, I'm handing out I Voted! stickers, too! 

Happy (voting) Monday, friends!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Momma Wants :: My Pinterest Wish List

I don't shop for myself very often. I really enjoy buying for friends and family, for our home, for holidays. My biggest weaknesses is my love for dressing CJ in handsome outfits so if I'm shopping for clothing, it's usually for him. And truth be told, I'm not a fan of shopping for clothing for myself.

From time to time, I'll come across something online that I like and I'll pin it to my MOMMA WANTS board on Pinterest. Can I tell you how smart of an idea that is? I've gotten 2 gifts from my board in the last 4 months. And with Easter, Mother's Day and my half birthday coming up (yeah, that's a thing), I thought it would be fun to put together a wish list.

Gift Idea #1
I love the movie Up. I watched it for the first time 2 Christmases ago and bawled like a baby. This Up themed necklace would be a perfect gift for me.

 Original pin can be found HERE

Gift Idea #2
I have a thing for stripes and over-sized bags and this weekend bag fits both likes of mine. Perfect for a weekend away or a typical Mom Day (you know... we carry everything, everywhere).

Original pin can be found HERE

Gift Idea #3
If you know me at all, you know my love of football runs deep! This top would be perfect for the Fall. No matter what team I'm cheering on... Ohio State or the Cincinnati Bengals, this shirt is a must for football season. 

Original pin can be found HERE

Gift Idea #4
If you are like me and color code everything you organize then you are going TO LOVE these pens. Not only do they com in bright colors but they are erasable. Yeah, you read that right! ERASABLE! 

Original pin can be found HERE

Gift Idea #5
I've heard amazing things about Urban Decay's Naked Basics 2 eye shadow and have been itching to buy one but the cost is holding me back. I love these one because of the neutral colors, allowing for every day wear. 

Original pin can be found HERE

Do you have a wish list started that you share with your family and friends? I highly recommend making one. It makes answering the question "what do you want for (your birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary)" so much easier to answer. 

Happy Friday, friends!