Friday, December 4, 2015

Wife Mommy Me - A Year of Growth

With 2015 coming to an end, I wanted to take time to reflect on my growth as a blogger. As much as I fought the title of blogger, I've realized that I am indeed one. While I may not be a big name one, I still place a ton of value and time in this space, leaving little room for argument on if I should call myself a blogger. I also have some of the most amazing readers and fans - THANK YOU! With the amount of time, effort and resources I spend dedicated to Wife Mommy Me, there isn't really a need to fight the title any longer. So hi, mine name is Stephanie and I'm a blogger at Wife Mommy Me.

For the next 3 weeks (December 4, 11 and 18th) I'm going to focus my posts on the growth that I've experienced as a blogger. Topics will range from numbers to suggestions to sharing some of my favorite posts from the year. I'd love for you to join us in the linkup, sharing your success as a blogger along with the highlights of 2015. More details on the linkup can be found here in our announcement post.
Today, I'm going to share WMM's growth by the numbers and share 5 ways I've grown our space this year. Please keep in mind, I am a self-taught blogger who has just "figured it out". There are classes and pros out there with more success than I but as a SAHM, this is what works for me.

Number aren't everything. I repeat NUMBERS DON'T REFLECT YOUR VALUE. But it's nice to see the time I've spent working on my blog, networking and putting together post after post has paid off. My biggest area of growth was Google+. I grew over 200% and as of this past weekend, have 1,138,487 page views. Yes!! that's 1.1 million page views. I have no clue how or why this social media outlet grew so much this year but I can promise you I plan to make it work for me. I do share my posts on Google+ daily but other than that, I don't work with this platform much.

I am proud to say that this Fall I finally hit the 10,545 social media followers. 10,000 people follow me online! It's a bit scary but also really cool, too. Doing so took a lot of networking and time on my part but has paid off for sure. Last year at this time, I had 6,377, a growth of 4,168. How fantastic is that? Here are my 5 tips to growing your social media in the new year.

- ONE -
Use Facebook as much as possible. Every one and I mean every one is on Facebook. Your grandma, your child's teacher, your dentist. Connect with them on Facebook, ask them to like your blog's fan page and share share share. On average, I'll post 3-4 times a day. This doesn't mean I'm on Facebook for hours. I use the scheduling tool and schedule posts in advance. Share your most current, popular or favorite posts. Reshare posts that didn't get a lot of TLC the first time around. The more eyes that see your posts, the better. In addition to WMM posts, I'll share other articles that I've enjoyed along with recipes and such. I'll upload a photo or two of our day. The more often your page pops up in the someone's news feed the better.

- TWO -
Like photos on Instagram. Seems simple enough, right? But I am super guilty of scrolling through IG but not liking photos. Which makes me a total creeper, right? Along with liking photos, I gave myself a goal of leaving 3-5 comments a day on photos. I also try and comment back when others leave comments on my images. This is a work in progress but the bottom line is, the more you interact with those following you, the more likely you are going to have someone follow you because you are a "friendly" online presence.

Host/Co-Host Giveaways. I understand that budgets are tight and not everyone has the extra income to participate in giveaways but I would suggest that you do 1 big one a year if possible. I use the money I earn from sponsored posts to help pay the entry fees into giveaways. Not only are you hosting but so are a handful of other bloggers so your blog name is going to be share on their sites. Let me give you an example: if a giveaway has 10 hosts, you're blog/face/name will be shared on at least 9 other sites. Image the exposure this could bring you? In addition to co-hosting, I will often host a giveaway myself which allows for me to use only my social media outlets as entry options. A little self-promotion never hurt, you know?

- FOUR -
Share every new post on every social site you are a member of. Each morning, I upload my newest post to Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Between the 4 sites, I have over 7300 followers. That's a ton of exposure for one post. Now, I'm not saying that my posts get seen that many time times. Oh how I wish. No, on average, my posts see about 325-350 visits. But the idea of sharing across multiple sites is that not only will others read your posts, but you up the chances of your post going viral. Not that I've experience that but that's how it happens. The more eyes your post gets the better so share share share!

- FIVE -  
Share other people’s stuff and tag them when you do. You’ll create some of the most grateful, awesome fans when you share other people’s thoughts, images, questions. If you’re able to tag the person, they are that much more likely to follow you, to re-share your content, or to love you because you've just supported their site, without them asking you too. Using social media for your blog means stepping out and connecting. You may share to crickets at first but people will take notice and be appreciative in time.

In the last year, I've put this practices to use and it's paid off big time. While I never thought growing my blog would be something I valued, it is and I love the community I've built around my love of sharing our lives online.

How have you grown as a blogger this year? Have you doubled your followers or page views? Have you found a system to get more down and shared than in previous years? The point of this linkup is to share the growth and experiences so be sure to linkup or share your thoughts in the the comments below.

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