Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Conversations with Connor - Part 3

Connor hit 3 and OH MY GOODNESS he got funny. Not only did his funny side come through but as he gets older, he is paying more attention to the world around him. He sees, hears and thinks differently than ever before. Needless to say this new grown-up Connor has been saying a thing or two that has left me speechless ... which is saying a lot because I'm never really at a loss for words.  And that's where Conversations with Connor comes in. Here is round 3. And I promise you, they are better than ever before.

Me: "Connor you have got to start picking up one toy before moving onto a new one. Mommy doesn't like messes everywhere."
CJ: "I'm just a kid, Momma. Cut me some pants."
And by pants his means slacks. And by slacks he really meant slack.

"I tried my patience and it worked." - CJ, age 3
Funny how that works.

During bedtime earlier this Fall...
"Mommy I'm done holding your hand."
And just like that my heart and soul died at once. 

Connor: "I got these dice and I'm going to win big because I'm almost 3 and when you are 3 you can chew gum and go to school and you have to have no accidents and sleep in your bed all night and be nice to Rudy because he is our cat and we have a dog named Simon but he is at the doctor and oh no! I lost my dice."

Connor: I need some lunch. I'm hungry.
Me: Okay. Let's make it together.
Moments later...
Me: Are you going to take a bite?
Connor: I'm not hungry today, Mommy.
Real life with a toddler.

Toddler Logic
Mommy I can't eat dinner because I have the hiccups. But I can eat it if you feed me when I sit on your lap. Deal, Mommy?

Me: I'm going to open the curtains to let some light in.
Connor: Do I have to put pants on?

Me: You did a really good job on your craft today at story time, Connor.
Connor: I know because I'm almost 3 and a big boy who uses the potty and eats all his lunch and sleeps in his bed until the sun shines.
And here I was thinking he didn't listen to me.

Me: "Connor, we need to run to the store. I need dish soap."
Connor: "I have bubbles, Mommy."
Me: "Thanks Buzz but that won't work with the dishes."
Connor: "Of course not. Here we go again..."

Connor keeps up on our toes, keeps us laughing, reminds us of how simple life can be if you let it. Especially if it means you don't need pants!

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