Monday, December 7, 2015

30 Toy Free Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

With a birthday just a month ago, I've been struggling to find Christmas gifts for Connor that doesn't include toys. While there are plenty of toys he would be thrilled with receiving, he just doesn't need them. He is one blessed little guy and I'd love for him to get more for Christmas than a toy that can be played with for a minute or two and then tossed to the side for the next. 

I've been asked by family and friends what he needs or wants for Christmas. If you ask him, he is going to tell you a toy. He is a 3 year old boy after all. So I've done more work, racked my brain and have put together a simple list of 30 toy free Christmas gifts options for your child's wish list this holiday. 

Educational Gifts
Books - Piggy Bank - Chalkboard - Art Supplies - Gardening Tools

Instrument - Cooking - Rec Class - Sports - Dance

Museum - Zoo - Aquarium - Sporting Event - Train Ride

Christian Gifts
Bible - Biblical Flashcards - Journal - Bible Study Fees - Music

Everyday Items
Clothing and Shoes - Favorite Snacks - Electronic Toothbrush - Hair Accessories - Lunchbox 

A Special Occasion Voucher
Date with Mom or Dad - An afternoon at the mall playground - Skip a Chore Pass - Play date with friend - Movie Night with Popcorn and Candy

Like I mentioned before Connor can quickly tell you what he would like to have when asked but if you were to ask me, these are a few things I would suggest. We love being treated to a special event or the ability to take him to a class at the rec for free thanks to the generosity of loved ones. 

What toy free items can you think of? We still need to fill his stocking so I'd love some more ideas that don't include toys and candy.

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