Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

Being a blogger means you are a part of a community of women (and the occasional man) that nurtures, loves, embrace and honor each other. I never imagine that some of my dearest friends would be bloggers but hey, I got my blog crew and we are tight. One of my gal pals, Whitney, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award earlier this week. Whitney and I connected over our love of reading (bookworms unite!) and it's been such a wonderful relationship, watching her juggle motherhood, her career and life. Thank you Whit for the nomination.
The rules of accepting this award are simple -- a) thank the person who nominated you b) link back to their blog c) share 7 facts about yourself and d) nominate up to 15 other bloggers.

1 || I've had 3 last names - Hensley, Akers and now Cox. I wanted to take Akers as my new middle name when we got married because I loved the story of becoming an Akers but didn't. I really wish I had.

2 || When cleaning the kitchen, I have to dry out the sink. If it's not dry, I'll think and obsess about the extra water just sitting on the surface of the sink. Often times, I'll dry the sink after someone else uses it. I'm a total whack job.

3 || My all-time favorite movie is Gone With The Wind and with Thanksgiving coming up, it will be played on TBS but since we don't have cable, I'll have to whip out the trusty old DVD and watch it. I can recite the majority of it perfectly yet I still cry, get angry, feel disappointment at the same parts every. single. time. I. watch. it.

4 || I hate when lights/TVs/radios are left on and there is no one in the room. I will go behind you and turn everything off. I can't handle the idea of something being on but not used. Same goes for water. Turn the tap off while brushing you teeth.

5 || I have this fierce need to go to Canada. In my mind, we would stay in a slightly secluded home that sits on a lake and drive to town when we needed supplies and food. I'd love to see the mountains and fish in said lake with Connor. We would spend the day outside and taking in nature. PS - this is a strange desire consider I am a city girl and I've never been fishing.

6 || I am a really amazing gift giver unless you are my husband. Then I give really bad gifts and/or struggle with finding something that I think he will enjoy. One year for Christmas I gave him kitchen knives. He had mentioned that ours sucked so I thought, I'll get him some new ones. I don't think it was received as well as I'd hope. Truly, I married the most difficult person to shop for.

7 || I hate to be touched or hugged. I always have. But I will straight up smother Connor in hugs and kisses on a daily basis. There are particular people that can hug me that don't creep me out. Other than my son and husband, they are all over age of 60.

My nomination are Becky, Courtney, Desiree, Jennifer, Jess, Meghan, Michelle and Whitney.

Happy Hump Day, friends!

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