Friday, November 27, 2015

Our Christmas Advent Tree

What is it about a Christmas countdown that everyone craves? I love counting down the days until Christmas more and more each year. Especially since becoming parents. There is no doubt that Connor's love of Christmas is a trait he gets from me so when picking out our advent calendar this year, I wanted it to be something he would enjoy as well. It didn't take much searching before I landed on and fall in love with Personal Creations' Winter Wonderland Interactive Advent Calendar.

A fun take on a family tradition, this advent calendar celebrates 25 days of wonder with 25 pockets for treats - chocolates, candy canes, Bible verses, or even a lump of coal (because hey, not every day is a winner). Plus, there are 8 cute little plush characters the kids can stick anywhere on the tree. I've placed small goodies in each pocket that isn't housing a stuffed animal. Connor is going to LOVE counting down till Christmas this year more than ever before. Each morning we will move the fabric candy cane, inching our way closer to Christmas.

Personal Creations is a favorite online shop of mine. I usually shop through Ebates to score cash back but I always check their discount pages for coupon codes and more first. Thanks to shopping online, I was able to find this year's advent calendar. What are you doing to count down for Christmas? We've done a book countdown in the past and will do that this year as well. I'd love to hear how you count down because as you know, I'm never one to shy around from new fun ways to celebrate the holiday!

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