Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Bucket List :: Recap 2

It's safe to say that Fall is winding down in our neck of the woods. Temps have finally dipped and it's starting to feel and look like winter in Ohio. Which means it's chilly most days and usually really gloomy. I know plenty of people that can't hack gloomy days but I think those are the best because you can stay indoors, relax, cuddle and watch your favorite seasonal movies. But I'm getting off track. Since Fall is exiting, it's about time for me to share a Fall Bucket List update. Here is our last update and here is what you've checked off since then.

Celebrated Connor turning 3 || Celebrated James's Birthday on October 24th
Baked Cookies || BOO'ed Our Friends || Took a nature hike with family
Went Trick or Treating || Painted Pumpkins
*Not photographed - Huber Fest 

We have just 4 items to check off our list and I can honestly say, this last 4 are going to be some of the funniest! I'm on the fence on if I want to put together a Winter Bucket List. I may just stick with our photo challenge because December can get a bit crazy and I don't want to miss out on any of our photo prompts. This has been an awesome Fall. We've packed it full of fun and the weathers has been nothing less than perfection! Here's to hoping the remainder of it's just as enjoyable.

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