Thursday, November 5, 2015

C's Birthday Party Recap

Last week we celebrated Connor turning 3. I swore to myself that I was going to take it easy this year. While our party was much more laid back than previous year, I still had my work cut out for me. Connor specifically requested a Marvel Hero birthday with each and every one of the heroes. Since I wasn't sure exactly what he had in mind, I did my best in creating the perfect party with the Marvels in mind. From the time he woke up to the time he crawled into bed, Connor was celebrated!

This is the third year I've put balloons in Connor's room and he loved them even more this year than on his other birthdays.  We kicked off the morning with pancakes with chocolate chips and his newest obsession, apples. This boy can put away some apples. We then headed to music class, where James joined us for the first time and it was nice experiencing class with Daddy there. We had lunch together and Connor received his Cat Boy costume and instantly wanted to wear it. Are you familiar with PJ Masks? It's a new show on Disney Junior and Connor is obsessed but there aren't any toys, clothes or costumes out for it yet so James used his imagination with this purchase. Clearly Connor was less than impressed.

Connor's party was scheduled for Friday night. We booked a private room at a local pizzeria with a small arcade. I wanted something that was kids friendly and this totally fit the bill. We ordered pizza, chips and drinks, visited with family and friends. We opened presents, devoured a ton of cookie cake and played arcade games. Connor played so hard and kept telling me "I can't wait to be 4! I'll have a party then, too, Mommy!". Slow down, kiddo! Momma can barely handle you being 3! Here are a few photos that I snapped before the party started.

Connor loved his party. He was showered with love, attention and far too many gifts. It's so hard to believe that Connor is 3. Time has gone by so fast and it's a bit tough to imagine him as anything but my baby boy. We had a blast on Friday and the super hero themed spilled over to Halloween. It's safe to say we are one Marvel lovin' family. 

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