Thursday, November 12, 2015

Connor is a Preschooler!

Last week Connor started school. Because of his late birthday, he couldn't start until turning 3 making his first day of school November 3rd. As a first time Mom, I was a bit worried about how well he would do leaving me for the first time but in true Connor fashion he was more than ready to move on to this new adventure.
He will be going Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours. What I like about the program is that a) it's at our church so it's in a place that Connor is familiar with and b) the teacher Connor has now is the same teacher he will have next year when he starts 3 days preschool.

Connor is a very bright boy so for us, school is more about structure and growing his listening/sharing/group playing skills. He has always been around other children but in a play date setting so we felt it was time for him to learn to interact with others in a more structured environment.

We are wrapping up week 2 today and so far so good. He is eager to go and was surprised to discover the same kids are in his class each time he has school. He is used to seeing friends sporadically so I think he is liking having the same kids to "play" with over and over. On the first day, I asked him what he liked best about school and he said playing outside. Total boy answer, right? When I asked him what he liked least, he told me when the boy cried. Another little boy started school on the 3rd too and didn't take it as well as Connor and Connor was concerned. I love that he has a sense of empathy so young.

When we got home from school last Thursday, I had Connor complete a preschool survey. I think this is something I'd like to do each year... until he is too cool for such things.

He has recently discovered Sonic and can't get enough. He is obsessed with Halloween in Texas, much to my dismay. Why couldn't he love the Halloween in Ohio book we have instead? #yankeelife He couldn't make up his mind on his favorite colors so I told him he could pick 3, which is quickly replied "Because I'm three". Yes you are 3. Stop reminding me!

We both made the transition to school well. As much as I would love to keep Connor little forever, I also love experiencing milestones with him; school being one of those. It's also been since to have a handful of hours to myself each week. Connor has really enjoyed school so far and I really hope that he always does. If so, he will have gotten that love from his nerdy Mom.

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