Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Behind the Scenes || My Blogging Space

I've been dreaming of having a spot in our home that is designated as my blogging area. I don't need an office really but I am over blogging at the dining room table or while vegging out on the couch. I wanted a space that I could plan, write, network and create in an orderly fashion. Thanks to the support of Mister and birthday gifts, I've finally have a small space of my own and I am going to share it with you this morning.

I've mentioned before that we have a smaller home built in the early 1920's. Because of the layout and square footage available, I had to get create when putting together my "office". We have a small breakfast nook area right off the kitchen that we once used for our dogs but has sat empty since moving back to Ohio. A few months ago, I moved my desk in there but it was pretty pathetic looking. I shared the horrid setup on Instagram; here is the photo. But with a bit of creativity and a ton of desire to have a space of my own, we've found the perfect solution.

Since working in the IT field prior to being a SAHM, I've always loved having two monitors. It's great for working on posts, pictures and so much more all at the same time. Especially when you are copying and pasting coding and such. I used a magazine file from Target to prop up my monitor, providing me with storage underneath. That allowed for extra desktop space. My pencil cup holder, tape dispenser and stapler are from Things Remembered's line Poppin and each are personalized. Yes, the cup says "Office Supplies Give Me Lady Wood". I stand by my statement.

My gallery wall was something I'd been thinking of doing for a while in some room in the house but because I'm totally OCD, I was worried I'd do all the work and not like the finished project. Lucky for me it's tough to mess up for pieces in a small space. My script Ohio plaque was picked up at a local flea market. Dean gave me the Keep It Simple print for my birthday. I often get really stressed and well, if I kept things simple, I'd be less stressed. Thanks Kiki! I used a Hobby Lobby gift card to pick up my Pray More, Worry Less block because let's face it, I need to pray way more and worry way less. Finally, #FavAuntKissten made me the patchwork C.

My pretty blue chair is actually considered a dining chair but it fits under my desk perfectly and was under my ideal price point so I snagged it up instantly. I wanted a rug to not only prevent scratching my floor but to add a little pop of personality. I'm not a fan of chevron so I went with a fretwork style rug and love how it looks in the room. I think that when I decide to get curtains, I'll be able to play off my chair and rug well because of the colors I choose.

My shelf was the perfect storage solution. We found this at Hobby Lobby and the moment I saw it, I knew it would fit my needs perfectly. Each drawer is stocked full of office goodies. You'd think I ran a small business with all the paper, stationary, stamps, etc. I have on hand. I don't; just obsessed with any and all office supplies. I can't find the item on their site but will update my post when I can.

As I sit in my space and blog, I feel a bit more professional. It's nice to have an area in the house that is strictly mine, a place to escape. I have a couple more things I'd like to add to the room but for now, it's perfect.

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