Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Five W's of Wife Mommy Me

I've been doing a to blogger networking lately and I've been getting asked why I started blogging and what my blog is about quiet a bit. Since it's been a while (maybe even ever) since I've done an about me post, I thought I would take the opportunity and share a bit about myself, my family and our blog today.


WHO || James, Stephanie and Connor. James and I have been married for 4 years and meet when working for an IT training company. We dated 3 years before getting married. 16 months after getting married we welcomed our first and only child into the world, Connor.

WHAT || I share a bit of everything. From our daily lives to our hobbies and interests to activities for toddlers, Wife Mommy Me is scrapbook of our lives as a family of 3. Wife Mommy Me is the perfect mash-up of marriage and motherhood with a dash of me thrown in.

WHEN || I started blogging when we learned that we were going to be expanding our family. Our blog was once titled Creating Mrs. Cox then And Baby Makes 10 and finally, I landed on Wife Mommy Me. Since then we've moved once (from Ohio to Texas and back Ohio), introduced the world to Connor J and shared a peek inside of our world.

WHERE || We call Southwest Ohio home. O! H! ...

WHY || I ask myself this question a lot. I've thought about hanging up my blogging hat a time or two but blogging has grown into a hobby that allows me to be creative, network and keep sane. When we were in Austin, WMM allowed friends and family to see Connor more through posts and social media. Now that we are home, I'm using WMM to share our world with friends afar and as an outlet for a career women turned SAHM.

That's the cliff note version of our blogging story. Never would I imagine calling myself a "blogger" but from time to time, the title fits. While I will always be a wife and mother first and foremost, blogging has given me something that is just mine. Something that I can mold and form. It's been a great learning experience over the last 3 1/2 years and while some days I'm feel like Wife Mommy Me has run it's course, I sit back and think as long as I'm a wife and Mommy, I'll always have something to share.

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