Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"It's Worth It" - October

In just 2 days, we will be parents to a 3 year old. It blows my mind to think that's even possible because to me, we've always been a family of 3. I've always been a Momma and our world was lacking so much joy and happiness until we meet Connor. Along the way, I've had to really embrace a life - motherhood - that's totally unpredictable but totally worth it.

I never imagine myself as a mom. I always had the motherly instinct so many talk about and growing up it was put to use often with my younger brothers but I didn't see myself raising a family. I thought I'd be a career women with a marriage that was focus on business instead of toddlers. Boy was I wrong and man has it been worth it.

The moment I learned I was pregnant with Connor, I knew that I would never be a working Mom. My heart was telling me that being with this boy everyday was my calling. Days as a SAHM are much harder than I expected. My worst days at the office are nothing in comparison to what I deal with when Frank shows up. But the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the picky eating have been worth it because this is the only chance Connor gets at a childhood and I'm determined to make it the very best.

Our days/weeks/months are peppered with moments that make to truly question my sanity. But other moments like the one captured above, when Connor asked me to kiss his cheek so he could wipe it away, make for moments that I would never trade for anything in the world. A little bit of happiness in a sea of chaos is all it takes to make raising a family totally worth it. 


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