Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Connor!

Happy 3rd Birthday, CJ! As we celebrate you today, I want you to always know two things: you are loved beyond measure and the core of our family. You have done so much for Daddy and I in your short three years and I can't imagine all you are going to accomplish in your lifetime. As I write this, you are sleeping upstairs and I can't help but think the next time I see you, you'll be a 3 year old. Time has gone by so fast but every single moment is imprinted on my heart.

If I had to sum up your personality in a single word it would be hilarious. You are so dang funny. And quick to think of a remark that usually leaves us in stitches. You are one smart cookie and I can't wait to see how you acclimate to school. I do worry about how you'll handle structure as you aren't one for being still for too long but in true Connor fashion, I'm sure you will do well. I have big dreams for you, as does Daddy, but when I think about what I want from you as a 3 year old or a teenager or a 30 something husband and father one things comes to mind - happiness. I want you to always be happy. To always have joy in you heart, to look for the joy in every day moments.

You have really grown in the last three months or so. From your independence to your ability to communicate, you've really blossomed. You've never shied away from social settings and that's still the case. So much so that you usually throw a fit and cry because you don't want to leave your friends. Oh and you have so many best friends. You meet someone new, spend a couple hours with them and instantly, they are your new best friend. I hope you always have a love for others. You see everyone as a friends and I hope you always treat others as kindly as you do now. If you do, it's a quality that will take you far.

As we celebrate you today, know that you are loved and cherished so. Having you completed our family in ways I didn't even know we needed completing. Through your big smile and even bigger heart, the world is a better place because you are here, Connor. Now, let's go celebrate you!

We love you a bushel and a peek!
Momma and Daddy

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