Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Bucket List :: Recap 1

We've been hard at work on completing our Fall Bucket List. When I put together activities for our list, I wanted tasks that we could do both indoors and out along with a items that we could do all Fall long. In case you are wondering, Fall lasts until Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is the official start of the Christmas season in Casa de Cox but then again, you all knew that, right? I mean, my love for Christmas isn't something I keep under wraps, you know? But because it's Fall and we are strong in our respect for all things pumpkin and turkey, I want to share the Fall we've had so far this season.

We enjoyed Autumn Fest, completed a craft with leaves, visited a farmers market, watched football, went apple picking with friends, decorated the house with one too many pumpkins and Momma enjoyed a Fall drink. Not pictured is us enjoying a hayride together and having a Fall soup for dinner.

From the looks of it, we will have this list knocked out in no time. I really do LOVE this time of year. Having a child to celebrate the seasons and holidays is one of the best perks of motherhood. It doesn't hurt that Connor's love of the holidays is similar to mine. October is going to be a busy month filled with tons of fun. I can't wait to enjoy each bucket list item and share the moments with you.


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