Monday, October 26, 2015

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Two months ago Susannah announced a new blogger project called the Solidarity Sisters and I've been mingling since day one. Solidarity Sisters allows you to meet a new blogger each month, make connections, share blog knowledge with each other and do a blog post collaboration. Susannah paired each and every blogger together based on expectations, what your lives and blogs were like. This month, I was partnered with Amanda from Amanda Moments. Amanda won my heart with her ability to conversant via e-mail. With e-mail in the palm of our hands, I love connecting with someone who responds to my messages like we are best of friends or having a face to face conversation. Amanda and I were tasked with promoting each other this week and I instantly thought of a "Currently" post with a Fall theme. So to kick off the week, we are joining Becky over at Choose Happy to share what's going on in our lives this Fall.

Amanda: The new fall TV shows. It's just so fun seeing which ones catch on and even which ones flop. I adore curling up on the couch with a blankie, cider and a kitty. I'm totally into the new Limitless show -- it's the surprise of the season in my book. I'm also enjoying the Last Man on Earth, Walking Dead,  Fargo, and The Muppets. I've already given up on The Bastard Executioner and Blood & Oil though.

Stephanie: Fall is when all my favorite shows come back from a Summer hiatus. Nashville, Scandal and The Good Wife are a must! I've been watching Nashville and Scandal from day 1 and spent the bulk of this Summer binge watching The Good Wife so I could watch it live when it returned this Fall. I've picked up a few new shows too - Blood and Oil (I know Amanda gave up but I haven't yet. I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint me!), The Affair and Homeland on Showtime and I'm slowly working myself into Gilmore Girls. I'm on season 1 episode 3. 

Amanda: Scarves! I'm slowly embracing the start of fall with sweaters and scarves, but I'm still refusing to wear boots or jackets yet. I'm a summer lover and am trying to delay winter as much as I can!

Stephanie: Layers and sweaters and all the cozy pieces I couldn't wear in Texas. James got me a Ohio Home T shirt and I pretty much wear it any chance I get. It's the softest t-shirt in the world. Like Amanda, I'm wearing scarves too and have been toying with the idea of getting CJ and I matching ones this Fall. Is that too much? ... didn't think so!

Amanda: My scary movie marathon for Halloween. I love scary movies, but I've only seen the recent ones lately. This year, I want to watch ALL the Freddy and Jason franchise flicks, so I just made a list of all the movies and have lots of watching to do. There are like 20 movies on the list! So far, I've made it through the first three Nightmare on Elm Streets and first three Friday the 13ths. They're all really bad, but in such a great way. 

Stephanie: The last details on Connor's party that's on Friday. I can't believe he is going to be 3! How in the world is that possible! I'm also already thinking of Christmas party ideas for MOPS. I volunteered to plan our December play date and MNO and I have all these ideas (per the norm) and I can't wait to celebrate the holiday with my group. 

Amanda: Enjoy Life Soft Baked Snickerdoodle cookies. I just did a major haul at Natural Grocers and tried a bunch of new healthy snacks. These babies are clear winners! I also tried a Japanese sweet potato for the first time I got from there, and it was all sorts of delicious. I also got sucked in by their marketing to reserve an organic Thanksgiving turkey, and I'm actually really excited about preparing my first turkey this year!

Stephanie: Fiber One Bars in Pumpkin and Cinnamon Coffee Cake. On morning when we have to be out of the house early, I'll grab one of those, a banana and my coffee and hit the road. The Cinnamon Coffee Cake ones are so good. Like so good I could eat them for dessert. 

Amanda: I recently finished The Martian, and it was AMAZING! Since then, I picked up How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, and am actually a little disappointed. It's stranger than I was expecting. Next up: Fates & Furies for book club.

Stephanie: A month of so ago, I shared my Fall reading list and in true bookworm fashion, I've read 5 out of 6 books listed. I need to read Go Set a Watchmen still but haven't been able to get into the book so far. I put that and All The Light We Can Not See on the back burner and am currently reading For The Love by Jen Hatmaker. I need to read 5 books by December 31st to reach my goal of 40 books this year. I'm thinking from here on out, I won't be reading anything too heavy. 

What's currently going on in your world? We have a busy week ahead of us (weekend included) so we are kicking the week of with some errands and a play date with cousins.

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