Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer 2015 :: RECAP

According to me today is the last "official" day of Summer. So tarting tomorrow you will experience Fall like you've never imagined on a blog before. I have our Fall Bucket List ready and waiting and plans have been made to make this the most epic of all Falls. But first, I want to give Summer a bit of respect and recap the fun we had this year.

Connor's List
Tackle a glitter project/craft
Complete 3 random acts of kindness
Run through sprinklers
Visit 3 new splash pads
Listen to music at the park

Momma's List
Run 60 miles from June 21 to September 30 - as of today, I'm at 32 miles. I've got a good chunk to go but am hoping to really pull it together and hit my 60 mile go!
Take a day trip to Grove City - scheduled for August!
Treat myself to a mani/pedi
Enjoy a LFFL date with Dean
Read 4 new books

Family List
Visit the Columbus Zoo
Spend the day at The Heights pool
Host a BBQ
Go to a baseball game
End summer with a trip to the water park

As long as I hit my 60 mile goal, I would say our Summer Bucket List was a success. I don't know what I was thinking when I added visiting the zoo. Nothing about going to the zoo in the Summer time sounds fun to me! This is something we may do this Fall or Winter.

I take a ton of photos throughout the day. One way that I share them on social media (specifically Instagram) is to create a personalized hashtag for a particular group of photos. For Connor, I've been using #cjyear2 and will pick something new when he turns 3 (!!). For this summer, I've been using #acoxfamilysummer. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Summer.

We had the best summer. Connor is at the perfect age to really explore and enjoy days away from home. Especially since we don't have to work around nap time any longer. As much fun as we had, I know that Fall is going to bless up with experiences and memories that we will cherish forever.

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