Thursday, September 24, 2015

MTT :: How I Stay {SLIGHTLY} Organized

For the last 8 months I've been sharing Mom Talk Tuesdays with you. The third Tuesday of the month, I share my thoughts on a particular topic. Tuesday was the 3rd Tuesday of the month, where I should have been sharing my tips on organization. But guess what? I totally forgot. The irony of forgetting your own linkup (especially one about being organized), isn't lost on me. But because I was really looking forward to sharing my tips with y'all, I'm going to share them ... just 2 days late.

I would like to thank Liz for the reminder of Mom Talk Tuesday. It's a good thing my friends are organized. 
I love using paper planners and calendars. I find that I'm able to organized my thoughts and that it's easy to glance at any single day/week/month and know exactly what you have going on. There are a ton of planners options out there but I tend to go the cheaper route if possible. For blogging, I use a planner I got from Minted. It's small yet gives me plenty of space to plan out my posts. For personal use, I have a lightweight planner from our local grocery store. For just $3.99, it's a bargain and allows me to plan our days with ease. I also have a printed calendar on the fridge so that James can see what's going as well. This is how he knows when we have play dates or I've made plans for the family (I usually plan and then inform him ... I'm that wife). 

Because some of our days are packed full of errands, meeting and play dates, I find that the only way we will have a dinner worth enjoying is if I meal plan. My go to place to find new meals is Pinterest. I find that if you type in the word easy before any search you are likely to find a recipe that is simple yet delicious. I recently shared this week's menu on IG and some folks asked for details on recipes. Here are the most asked about recipe links.

I have always been a bit OCD about our home. I like for it to be "company ready" so it's safe to say that our house is always in order. The same goes for laundry. While there are times it looks like a tornado (named Connor) went through parts of the house, I always try to stay on top of things. One day a week, Connor and I stay home and tackle cleaning and laundry. This is usually a Monday or Friday. One entire day at home allows for us to take care of thing around the house along with some one on one time together. I also like to tidy up at the end of the day. Dishes are done, toys are picked up and everything is in it's place. I like waking up to a clean and orderly home.

I take a ton of photos of Connor and of life in general. Because of that, my iPhone and laptop can get pretty full, not to mention messy. Once a week or at the very least 2 times a month, I clean my desktop of images that I don't need or want and I upload photos from my phone to Facebook to an album that I started in early 2015. James gifted me a external hard drive for photos and I really need to get to moving photos off my laptop and onto the extra drive. Maybe this will be something I do in the new year. Here is a perfect example of a before and after of my laptop desktop.

And there you have it. That's how I keep our family, home, blog and personal electronics {slightly} organized. How do you keep it all together? Please know that I don't always have my act together. Sometimes I'm so organized that I'm not... hence why my Tuesday post is coming to you on a Thursday.

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