Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's The Little Things :: Summery September

Sometime this Summer Mother Nature got really confused. August was such an enjoyable month weather wise. We had weeks of temps that barely hit 80, allowing for days spent outdoors, totally enjoyable and bearable. If you haven't been to Ohio in August, it's usually hot, humid and downright miserable. The example I give about our humidity is that it feels like you are walking through soup. But this year was the total opposite. Needless to say, I've been lovin' life. Until this week. It's September and the high today is supposed to be 90. NINETY! This Fall loving Momma can't handle anymore heat! Since there is nothing we can do about a week full of high temperatures, I guess we might as well enjoy it the best way we know how :: PLAYING IN THE WATER!

Connor has loved exploring the new parks and playgrounds this Summer. The difference between his personality from last summer and now amazes me. He begs to play, splash, get dirty and go on adventures. One activity he loves the most is playing in a man made stream and cave at the garden James and I were married. We usually visit at least once a week and have to fight him to leave.

One thing Connor didn't have this summer that I scored thanks to Back to School sales were his water shoes. We spent most of our Texas summers in the pool instead of at splash pads and water parks. Now that he is on the go (alllll the time!), I knew it was time to invest in a pair. What I love must about them is that they help keep traction even in the wettest of conditions.

We've spent more hours than I could count out in the water this Summer. September is looking to be a hot one so I'm fairly certain that we are going to be looking for cool ways to beat the heat this month. Thanks to online deals like those I found at, Connor scored himself a pair of water shoes so that we can play, explore and splash to his heart's content.

Connor's childhood is filled with little things that make for the best memories. He is one lucky boy who gets to play all day, explore, visit new parks, make new friends. I hope that he looks back on photos and maybe even this blog and sees that his parents gave it their all to make his childhood one to remember.

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