Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorties :: September 18

With another week coming to a close and plans made for the weekend, I've decided that Friday is my second most favorite day of the week (Mondays are my thing... I'm a weirdo). We had a fairly good week, with some highs and lows (C spiking a fever for no reason) and I wanna share them in this week's Friday Favorites. 

Here are the post from this week, in case you've missed any... be sure to visit those marked  as both have pretty sweet giveaways and I would hate for you to miss out!

My little man came down with something on Wednesday and he was just so pathetic. His fever was 101.5 and within 14 hours is was completely gone but Thursday afternoon looked a lot like this. Rudy knew C wasn't feeling well so he cuddle up with him. As crazy as G. Rudy is, I sure do love his sweet kind spirit. While his temperature is back to normal, he is still a bit grumpy. I'm thinking he has a touch of something and he isn't dealing with it well. That just means more snuggles with Papa, Rudy and I.

The blog world was on fire this week. Maybe it's because school has started, folks are back to their routine and creative juices are flowing again but I read a ton of amazing posts this week. I want to share my favorite 5 with you today.

Teressa - Homemade Larabars
Sarah - Daily Resting
Elizabeth - How to Purge Your Closet 

Connor's birthday invites have been order (from Shutterfly). I was able to redeemed my Pampers Rewards for them, making the invites FREE! How awesome is that?! We are having a Marvel Hero birthday party this year as picked by the almost 3 year old. I have a lot of fun ideas, I'm just hoping to pull them together. Also? I have 42 days to eat up all the 2 year old Connor I can. 

Fall weather is moving in next week and I can not wait to spend hours and hours outside enjoying cool mornings at the park and evening walks with the family. Autumn in Ohio is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth. I mean, it's that awesome. High 70s during the day and mid 50s at night. It's totally perfection.

Happy Friday, friends!

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