Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites :: The Mister

In honor the Mister who's birthday is a month away, I thought I would dedicate Friday Favorites to him this week. I've shared a bit of Q&A with him before (May and June) and folks just love James so much I thought why not do another The Guy Behind The Blog post. Here September's questions and Coxy's answers.

1.) What's the silliest thing you and your significant other have had to compromise on?
We don’t really compromise too much with each other. We are both fairly easy going when it comes to the small stuff and align well on the big items.

2.) If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 must haves would you bring with you?
A boat, a GPS and enough food for 30-days. 

3.) Talents aside, what is your dream job?
I think I’d really enjoy being a comedian or some kind of entertainer.  I like laughing and making people laugh. Total talent aside, I really want to be a rapper. 

4.) What are three things on your bucket list?
Travel the US living in a tiny house. Learn to play the piano or guitar. Live and work in another country for a couple of years.

5.) What kind of date is your favorite to go on with your significant other?
I like to go on dates where we learn things together and can engage in conversation.

Here are the questions for October's link up! The October post will go live on Thursday, October 29th and stay open through November 6th! Now grab your guy and join in with us and submit your link over at Heavens to Betsy. September's TGBTB linkup is open until next Friday so join in on the fun. 

1 // We’re headed into fall, which means cooler temps for most of us…are you a warm weather or cold weather kind of guy?

2 // What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?
3 // What's your favorite Halloween candy? 
4 // What are your favorite parts of fall (ex: football, the weather, Thanksgiving, etc)?
5 // How do you feel about pumpkin spice lattes? (As a joke question hahaha)

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