Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites + Giveaway :: September 3

I've been doing a lot of thinking in regards of where I want to take this blog in 2016. I've shared my thoughts with Beth, Desiree and Liz and my girls have given me sound advice along with the confidence boost I needed to change the direction of WMM a bit. To sum it all up, Wife Mommy Me is going to have less sponsored post and advertisement and more of just my family and our daily lives. After all, the posts that include real life moments and photos of Connor are the ones that seem to be a reader fave. One type of post that gets a lot of attention and has the best reader interaction, not to mention a favorite of mine to write is, Friday Favorites. So from here on out, each Friday I'll be recapping the week, the fun we have and hopefully share a bit of weekly happiness with you all!


On the blog this week, I shared the following four posts. Check them out in case you missed them. My favorites are Monday and yesterdays. You know... the ones about food and books!

No, I haven't decorated for Fall just yet. This is all Connor's doing. I was getting my totes of Fall decor out for easier access later this month (like maybe next week) and Connor asked to see the pumpkins that we used at his 1st birthday party. He insisted on playing with them upstairs and when he got bored with them, I figured we would just set them out instead of packing them away again. I'm now dying to get all my decorations out and up but I'm going to be fair and wait until after Labor Day.


I don't usually like bold colors but I recently purchased this Thirty-One wallet during an online party and let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE with this shade of green! Not only is this color super fun, but this wallet hold a ton of stuff. I don't know how or why I have so much in my wallet to begin with but I will tell you, this bad boy holds it all.


I recently discovered that I have some really bizarre reaction to Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha drinks. It doesn't matter how it is served, if I drink one I end up with inflamed taste buds. How horrible is this? First I'm allergic to alcohol and now this? I don't know what I did in my former life to deserve such Hell but let me tell ya, I'm paying for it. I'm hoping that I'm able to enjoy a PSL without dealing with a mouth full of pissed off taste buds.


Ashley from Girl Talk has started her own Chloe and Isabel business. I love their jewelry so when she asked if I would be up to doing a review and giveaway, I was totally on board. I wanted something that would be perfect for every day wear. When browsing through the online catalog, I found these Pave Ball Stud Earrings (pictured above), I knew I had to have them. While I don't dress up much, I love having a few pieces of jewelry that fit my every day mom life and these are perfect! Ashley would like to give one reader a chance to snag a piece of Chloe + Isabel for themselves. Follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway. Winner will be picked next Friday (Sept. 11) and announced on Instagram.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. James is off today so we are ending the Summer with a trip to the water park! The forecast says it's going to be 90 so we might as well soak up some sun while we have can!

Happy Friday, friends!
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